Muse x Ice Skater! Male! Raeder

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That Ice Prince

Your POV

They were the ones that supported me all this way, the ones that no matter what stood beside me against all my fight.

And now, they are here, celebrating and chanting my name from the audience, even if it's not my turn and that's something you usually don't do on ice skating, it's quite good to know that they have my back whenever I need them.

Of course, they can count on me to. After all, they save me from my darkness, from my own internal fear of not participating since I'm doing this with the most popular and talented men in the sport. I just remember one of them was Russian and other was Japanese, by the way, my sponsor paid for the travel of all of the girls towards China where we are competing.

It was quite the hard fight to convince him to pay for all of us plus my trainer and the transport of my things, but he did it anyway and for that I'm grateful.

Sorry, I thought about it too much! I can already see that the previous guy just finished. I must admit that he was good, that makes me nervous, what if I fail? Then the girls I fell in love with are going to think I'm an idiot! I can't let that happen, no, I mustn't let that happen!

I had to slap both of my cheeks to get out of my attack of panic before it was my turn to go into the ice ring. I just have to wait a little more...

But seriously, what will happen if I fail?

"The next contestant is (F/N) (L/N)" A soft woman voice talked through the microphone indicating that it was my turn to pass. Immediately the girls from Muse started chanting my name, they were very noisy but, they made me very happy!

I inhaled deeply and got out of my seat from where I was watching the previous contestant, the door of the ice ring was opened as I put on my ice skates before stepping in.

As the blade from my foot touch the ice, I could feel all the sights put on me. Still, nine of them comforted me a lot. My eyes were set on those nine girls smiling at my presence. They better catch the message!

Immediately, the music started. The entire stadium around the ice ring started echoing with the beautiful tunes and voices from those maidens, Yume no Tobira!

I started slow following the rhythm of the song, some spins here and there extending my arms in the last one and jumping while spinning when the real rhythm started landing on one leg as I extended the other on the air. That was the beginning that stunned everyone because of the quantity of spins in the air I did, I thought I was going to die...

Next couple of things weren't as impacting but still, I did my best with my routine doing circles all around the ice ring and dancing, jumping and moving my arms and legs to the rhythm of the song.

It was when the song was about to end that I pulled a little trick from my sleeve. I slammed my blades on the ice and even if it cost a little, I cut a little through the ice as I continued sliding all over the ice ring forming a figure that was on my mind. Then the song ended and everyone looked stunned at what I just did.

I don't know how the see it but I'm pretty sure I did it right. It was a giant heart with the logo of Muse in the middle of it.

But where are they? I can't see them in their seats, don't tell me this is their way to reject me...

"(Y/N)-kun!" I heard Honoka exclaiming from the other side of the ring, when I faced her, I could see that somehow they sneaked into the competitors are and are now about to enter the ring.

"Honoka, don't!" I tried to warn her but it was already too late as she stepped on the ice and fell on her butt.

I chuckled a little before sliding towards her. Once I was in front of her, I saw the rest of the members of Muse behind her smiling gently at me.

Before anything happened, I helped Honoka to stand up but it resulted useless as the next thing all of the girls did was to tackle me to the cold ice. They all fell on me, thing I think is fortunate since the moment my head hit the ice my sight started to be blurry.

"We love you!" They all exclaimed at the same time.

"I love you all too..." And then I surrender and fainted.

And this is how you will always feel, trapped, like everything could go wrong the moment you step in and do it, you want to know something? That means you like what you do and you are only worrying because you are afraid you are not good in what you do...

Time skip: Ten Years Later

"Honoka, don't!" She did it again...

How much time do I have to repeat that she needs ice skates before stepping into ice! Right now we are in the middle of a forest in Russia in front of a frozen lake which ice I hope is thick enough to resist some falls.

"I'll go for the first aid..." Maki said before walking away.

I sighed. "Thank you Love" I said knowing that she blushed madly at my comment. Immediately I felt someone gripping from my sleeve from behind. I turned around and saw Umi blushing like crazy. "Yes?"

"M-M-Me too..." Umi said and I took some moments thinking of what she wanted until it clicked.

"Of course Love" And she fainted over the soft snow.

"Darling~" I heard Nozomi's voice this time coming from my back. I turned around again and saw the remaining members of Muse looking at me with blushes on their cheeks.

I chuckled and simply accomplish their wishes, what can I say? They are all my Loves after all...

You can't do anything to prevent it, you can just ignore it and walk forward, that's what you always need to do...

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