Preference #4

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{sleepovers with them}

-blasting music till 4am
-acting phsyco do to y'all being tired
-binge watching one tree hill (mood)
-low-key just passing out

-watching chick flicks
-making weird food at midnight
-painting his nails
-straightning his hair
-falling asleep cuddling

-him watching anime while you are silently judging him
-watching YouTube till 3am
-not going to bed (oops)

-your parents checking in you guys every five minutes
-screaming at 1am and your parents getting mad
-going on a 2am stroll through the park
-watching lights out (bad idea)
-jack being a scared baby the rest of the night

-watching pretty little liars and fangirling over emison (me)
-ordering pizza at 1am
-doing each other's makeup
-doing a fashion show
-staying up all night watching Shane Dawson conspiracy videos

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