How To Turn A Bad Boy Good

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Disclamer: Okay guys I don't own any of the hunger games things all rights belong to the original creators.

Summary: "How do I get her, I need her to know that I am crazy about her. Please Prim help me get your sister to understand how I feel" Peeta asked Prim he was pleading.

Primrose Everdeen a girl who everyone knows is the nicest girl in school. She is only a an 8th, but when she has to move From California to Tennessee, she gets asked something she never thought she would ever be asked. In order to play cupid she has to try to talk her sister into dating the Bady Boy of the new school. 

Katniss Everdeen, Primrose's sister. She is a tough girl, who was born in Texas, than moved to Cali, than moved to Tennessee. She hates stupid people. But after the move to Tennessee, she never wants anything to do with love. 

Peeta Mallark the bad boy of the school. When he first hears about the new girls he instantly thinks he can get them, but once he lays eyes on katniss he instantly falls in love. After a while he gives up on trying to get her alone, and askes for help. From Her Sister?

What happens when Peeta asks Prim to help? Will Prim help Peeta get Katniss? What happenes if Katniss starts to get suspicious? Will she go out with Peeta? Will somebody get in the way of them?

I guess the only way to find out is to read it


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