Chapter 13 - 05:40 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 13
Date: March 31st 2018
Time: 05:40am
Location: Down the road of Liam's mansion.

' "I hope this doesn't sound to weird but-"
"I love you, Zayn" '

The poor piteous omega stopped in his tracks, the recent happenings invading his stressed mind making him have to take a moment to sob into his palms.

Liam James Payne, the druglord of all druglords, a kidnapper, murder, "rapist" LOVED HIM! He loved him and he knotted him...Liam Payne the first man to ever knot him and now he was the last! Zayn swore it. He swore to himself he wouldn't allow another alpha to knot him. Knotting was a very special thing that was to be shared and Liam was the only one he felt it was right to share it with.

Why? Because it was true, Zayn loved him too. He loved the antagonist or was Liam really the antagonist? What if he was just misunderstood?

Many fellow agents had Zayn under the impression that Liam was this uncontrollable wild monster but he wasn't, not in Zayn's eyes.

Liam was a young man who was just making a not the best way but he was very smart and he had massive heart. He wasn't as cold and evil as people made him out to be, that was more the personality of his bitch wife.

Liam on the other hand was an angel despite his major wrongs, Zayn saw right through his wrongs. Liam was an absolute angel and Zayn loved him. He loved Liam but this was all forbidden.

Although staying in the mission and having to go through deceiving Liam and luring him into the secret trap had Zayn feeling like he was torturing himself. He couldn't sit and watch Liam be all happy with him while behind his back Zayn was planning to betray him. That's why he did what he did.

That was why he left on such a not. Once reaching headquarters he hoped he could have leave from the mission. Hopefully somehow his boss would fire him so he wouldn't have to come back and face it all.

Recovering from his sudden outburst of tears Zayn took a steady breath as he switched on his hidden equipment preparing for an expected loud rant from his boss.


The poor boy winced bracing himself for the worst of what Simon had to say or yell per say.


Zayn ran a hand through his messy hair and forced out a heavy huff, failure dwelling inside him "Yes, Sir I know! I failed the mission! I fucked up! Just fire me, yeah?!"

"Shut your mouth Agent! We will discuss all this back at headquarters! Shawn is on his way to your location. Don't move! Just listen to that last order at least!" Simon had thankfully lowered his voice but he was still shouting and it was driving Zayn off the edge.

"Yes, Sir." Was his only response.

"God I wish I knew what has gotten into you, boy. I don't understand this. I'm out. Shawn should be there in 20!"

"Yes-" Before Zayn could answer he heard Simon disconnect leaving him alone again.

Out of deep frustration with just about fucking everything Zayn ripped the earpiece out of his ear and threw it down onto the black asphalt where he then stomped on it continuously shouting curses at the damned thing.

"WHY?!" He shouted into the sky kicking the now shattered pieces like his shattered heart across the pavement "ALLAH WHY?! WHY ME?! WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME?!" Zayn shouted in pain tearing up again his eyes desperate to find an answer somewhere but instead he found a cliff. Wait...

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