“Calm down, we’re only doing routine tests.  They won’t be bad, and you won’t even have to be drugged.”  He said with a smirk.  He turned around and walked through the doors and into the school.  The men holding Alexia, as well as the ones holding all of the others, followed behind.  Each kid was taken to a different lab, each containing a few scientists.  Dillenwater went to the same lab as Alexia.  Apparently, she was the priority, which kind of made sense.

The two men holding Alexia carried her inside her normal lab and placed her sitting up on the hospital bed.  It was slightly more comfortable since the last time she’d been there, probably due to her pregnant condition.  They probably wanted her pregnancy to be somewhat comfortable so there was no chance of losing the baby.  Of course, she had been in not one but two car wrecks earlier that day.

So there Alexia sat on the hospital bed, her arms still bound behind her and her legs still tied together and dangling from the bed.  As Dillenwater walked in, he smiled cruelly at her.  He snapped his fingers once and one of the men moved her legs up onto the bed.  After that, he cut the bonds on them.  Before Alexia could so much as move them apart, the other man strapped them to the bed.  Within seconds, she was left sitting on her bed with her legs strapped down and her hands still tied behind her back.

With another snap of Dillenwater’s fingers, the bonds around Alexia’s hands were cut as well.  Just as quickly, her hands were strapped down beside her.  Looking down the length of her body, Alexia could just barely see her hurting wrists.  They had been rubbed raw from the rope, and they looked just as bad as they felt.  If not worse.

"So what happens now?" Alexia asked with a raised eyebrow. She tried in vain to position herself more comfortably on the bed.

"No you get tested for any changes that have occurred in your body since the last time you were tested, just before you left. Since we all know that your body changes very quickly due to our modifications, the results may be completely different now." Dillenwater said as two of the scientists stepped forward to double-check her restraints.

"Well do I get to be awake for said tests or must I be knocked out for it?" Alexia asked with another raised eyebrow. Being tied up, she couldn’t show many outward displays of annoyance other than that.

"Personally, I could really care less. I mainly keep you tranquilized so you don't bother us. Most of the time there's no real reason for keeping you asleep." He said with one of his trademark smirks.

"You sadistic bastard!" Alexia practically screeched, moving against her bonds in a failed attempt at reaching him. Dillenwater laughed loudly as the straps across her body prevented Alexia from moving so much as an inch. "You already took us from our lives, tested us, EXPERIMENT on us, and get me pregnant. You couldn't hold back from just ONE thing could you?" Alexia said, locking eyes with him and giving him a deep glare.

Dillenwater shook his head and let out a light chuckle.  “Someone’s a bit testy isn’t she?  You had better behave if you do want to stay conscious during the procedures.”  He said, reaching up to pat her on the cheek.

“Me, testy?  Oh I’ll give you testy.”  Alexia said.  With her words, she leaned forward as far as her bonds would allow, and spit directly into Dillenwater’s face.  She must have had better aim than she’d previously expected, because her spit hit its’ mark directly in the middle of Dillenwater’s face.

Shock was the first emotion to cross the big man’s face, although it was almost instantly followed by anger.  His hand slowly rose to his face to wipe off Alexia’s spit.  She smirked as he flicked the spit onto the floor.  For once Alexia felt smug that she’d been able to get even the slightest reaction like that from him.  It didn’t last very long though, for as soon as his hand was free of spit, Dillenwater’s hand flew up to strike Alexia’s cheek sharply.

Alexia’s head shot to the side from the force of the blow.  To say that it stung would be the understatement of the year for her.  To Alexia, it felt like someone had hit her in the face with a brick.  Dillenwater must have put quite a bit of force behind that hit.  Alexia quickly turned her head again so that her smarting cheek was sitting softly against the pillow, easing some of the stinging pain.

Dillenwater smirked at her from his position beside the bed.  “Now why did you go and do that?  Now I’ll have to tranquilize you, for everyone’s safety of course.  We wouldn’t want you to pull another stunt like that now would we?”

Alexia shook her head.  “That didn’t hurt you one bit and we both know it.  You just wanted another thing to take control of.”  She knew that she wasn’t helping her situation at all, but she just couldn’t help but argue with him.

“Either way, you’re now going to be sleeping throughout the tests.  You have nobody to blame but yourself.”  He said with a smirk.  Alexia shook her head and resumed glaring at him.

“Actually, it’s nobody’s fault but yours.  If you hadn’t kidnapped us for a second time, I wouldn’t be tied up.  I also wouldn’t be tested, and of course, I wouldn’t be getting drugged again.  So really, it’s your entire fault.”  She said loudly.  She knew that she was already going to be drugged, so she thought she had nothing to lose.  That is what lead her to leaning forward to spit directly in Dillenwater’s face yet again.

This time, he didn’t strike her after wiping his face.  Instead, he walked slowly to one of the cabinets in the room.  Reaching inside, he pulled out a needle and a bottle of liquid.  Reaching inside, he pulled out a needle and a bottle of liquid.  Alexia had known that it was going to happen, and she was happy that she’d gotten a reaction from him beforehand.  As he came closer to her, he stuck the needle into the bottle to draw out the drugs to use on her.  Alexia forced herself to relax, knowing that it went better when she was relaxed instead of tense.

When the needle was prepped and Dillenwater had reached the edge of the bed, he smirked.  “Now remember Miss Lambre, you have brought this upon yourself.”  With his words, he brought the needle to her arm and injected the drugs into her system.

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