Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Hours later, every part of Alexia was either numb or in pain.  Admittedly, most of her was in pain.  She hadn’t moved for hours on end, and her arms and legs hurt from being tied up and left in the same position for so long.  Her neck even hurt from leaning against the side of the van.  Her wrists and ankles were chafing from trying to make herself more comfortable.  She hadn’t been trying to escape, knowing that it was impossible at that point.  She had only been trying to make it hurt less, though it didn’t help whatsoever.  She had a feeling that everyone else was just as relieved as she was when the van finally rolled to a stop.  She silently hoped that they were finally there, instead of just at a gas station like the last time they’d stopped.

She and Cheater locked eyes across the van, and in his eyes, she saw both hope and sadness.  Alexia tried to keep up hope, but it was so hard in their situation.  She felt like she should have noticed Damon’s treachery much sooner.  If she had, they might be in Washington D.C. instead of the back of a crummy van.  It was a depressing feeling, knowing that with one action you could have changed so much.

Suddenly the back door opened, and they were all treated to the smirking face of Dillenwater.  Behind him, Alexia could see the front doors of their nightmare, the school.  “So how was the ride?  I hope it was enjoyable.”

Alexia frowned and shook her head.  “You know it wasn’t.  It would have been a lot better if we were either knocked out and unable to feel discomfort, or just not tied up to begin with.  Actually, the second option would have been a lot better.”  She said as she tried to sit up just a little bit straighter.

Dillenwater smirked and motioned for the man beside Alexia to get up and stand beside the van, and then he took the other man’s seat.  “Before we take you inside, I hope to get a few things set straight.  First, let me tell you that our security is about ten times more advanced, and that we have added many more guards.  The only reason you all escaped the last time was because we wanted you to, so we let you.  I promise you now that there is no possible way to escape, so don’t waste your energy trying again.  Even if you do try again, you will be caught.  We’re not punishing you this time, but you will be punished if you try again.  I can promise you that it would be very painful.  I hope that you all understand.”  He said with a smirk.  “Oh and Miss Lambre, we have a few things to talk about as well.”

Alexia sighed and nodded, knowing exactly what he would want to talk about.  The baby.  When it would be born.  What they would do with it.  What the gender could be, when they’d find that out.  Whether she would get to name her own child or not.  There were so many things that they needed to talk about the baby.  “So are you going to take us inside now?  Because this is getting pretty uncomfortable.”  She finally said slowly.

Dillenwater chuckled darkly and smirked.  “Oh alright.  Take them to the labs.”  He said, moving out of the van to give his goons some room.  Like before, Alexia was the first to be moved.  She twisted her head to look at Dillenwater.

“The labs already?  Don’t we get to rest a little bit first?”  She asked anxiously, yet still managing to sound calm.  They had just arrived, how could they already take them to the labs?  Wouldn’t that be too hard on their bodies after the long ride?

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