chapter 1 finding you

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It was 11:00 and robin had just got done with stopping a purse Snatcher he was leaping and jumping over rooftops and buildings and was heading back to titans tower but then he heard crying he thought someone was hurt so he went to go see what it was. the crying was coming from an allyway he then so the person who was crying it was a little kid. Robin was shocked to see a kid alone in a allyway crying he walked up to the kid and the kid turn around and sees him

*your pov*

You were crying because your parnets abandon you tonight was your birthday and your parnets said they would get your birthday gift and you to wait in this alleyway they wait out the allyway and you... and you waited and waited and waited for them to come back but they never did you started to get worried and it was dark and it 11:00 and you began to panic and you realize that they weren't coming back and you started  to cry but then you heard footsteps you turn around and saw man in a strange outfit with a mask on he then walked up to you.

?: hey there little guy what are you doing all alone in alleyway at nignt

Y/n: today was my birthday and my parents told me to wait so they go get my birthday present but... but... they never came back *crys harder*

?: hey hey its ok I'm to help you I'm robin what's your name?

Y/n: my name is y/n

Robin: well y/n my friends and I you're gonna help

Y/n: really thank you robin*hugs robins*

Robin: *hugs back* no problem let's get you to the tower

Robin pick you up and puts you on his back and walks back to titans tower on the way there You fell asleep on his back he looks at you and smiled at you he kept walking until he kept reached the tower. 

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