The Switch (Chapter 1)

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With one wish, everything changed.... For the better/worst?

Hope you guys like this story :P

*Venus' POV*

I found myself on a cliff 2000 ft on the air, ready to jump off the water. The rain pelted bullets and it hurt with every drop. I saw my reflection in a puddle nearby, and two blue eyes stared back at me. My brown hair, tangled in a bun, and my pale skin radiated. My shiny black dress drenched. I looked to my side and found a boy, crying, leaning on one of the maple trees that surrounded us.

"You never told me your name." I calmly said. Questions like who are you? And are you ok? were inappropriate as I saw him every single night.

He had the best features a girl could ever ask for. He had smoky green eyes, blonde hair that covered his face, and a slightly muscular figure. He must have been a foot taller than my 4' 11 stature.

I expected an answer, but nothing as always. He just stood up wiped his face, remorse clearly written, and jumped off the cliff. I prompted to hold him and prevent him from jumping but I was too late.

"Noooo!" I shouted as I saw him head first plunged into the ocean. I waited for a couple of minutes, wishing his head would resurface, but it didn't. I was a train wreck, I tried to climb down the steep cliff but I couldn't, I was too afraid. I decided to end the nonsense and be with him. I said all my prayers, hoping that his soul and mine would go to heaven. I counted to three and I jumped, screaming every 5 seconds regretting my decision.


"V?" My English teacher asked, poking me as if to wake me up. Great, I fell asleep, again. I had a reason though. I looked around me and I saw every student in my class looking at me, their faces were filled both of worry and amusement. I hid myself from the stares by covering my face. As I felt sweat all over me, I dried it off, quickly answering him.

"Im so sorry." My voice was both apologetic and sincere. I really liked Mr. Zamboni's class, that wasn't the problem. The problem was every time I took a nap, I experience the dream all over again with the exact same outcome. I surveyed the board and saw that the class was discussing about the Shakespearean Novel: Othello. Crap! Mr. Z told us this was included in the finals the week before. I searched for my pink bag barely containing any books and took out my binder, filled with pictures of me and my friends.

I struggled to keep up as they continued to discuss the book. I quickly finished writing all the contents on the board and tried to join in on the discussion.

"Who could tell me why Iago did all those heinous acts to Othello and his acquaintances?" Mr. Z asked. When no one raised their hands, I shyly raised mines and saw his face lit up.

"Yes Venus?" He asked in a playful yet somber tone. We developed a friendship over the three years of him being my English teacher.

I remembered when he played a prank on the students and gave us all F's on our essays. We were devastated, me especially, so I marched right at him, and asked, "What was wrong with it?"

"Nothing. It was flawless, but I just don't like this class." He smugly said.

Continuous protests happened so he gave up and boringly said, "Okay, settle down, I was just joking, Geez where did the sense of humor go for this generation."

Our class laughed hard and it turned out, I got an A+ and everyone was satisfied with their grades.

"Iago was angry at Othello for choosing Cassio as his right hand man instead of him. He believed that they had formed a brotherly bond through the years of battling together. He strongly believed that he deserved that position, so strong that he plotted the demise of Cassio and Othello's wife, Desdemona." I confidently said, I was sure that my answer was correct.

"Very good, see class, if you just study like Venus, we would have more life in this room." He proudly said.

"NERD!" A jock openly said causing laughter in the room. I glared at him, causing murmurs on the back.

Yes I am a nerd, I was labeled the freakishly smart girl in school before and it didn't bother me.

The bell rang, ending the class. "Study tomorrow we have a quiz on the book!" He lastly said as he too, left the room for his break.

The hallways in "North Pacific High" were big and extravagant looking for a public school. 8 people could line up walking and still have space. I walked through the endless student body to my locker, located near the entrance door. I quickly put on my combination and looked at my self in the mirror. My hair was in a ponytail and looked as if it wasn't cleaned for a month. It was too dry to get attention even from the ugly nerds. Who was I to judge, my face was covered with blemishes, and freckles sprinkled near my nose. My "alien glasses" as some have said, looked uneven and were supposed to be disposed of 6 weeks ago. Basically, I was a mess. I debated on whether or not skip gym. It was my least favorite class. But the nerd within me knew that answer. I walked to the girl's locker room directly a floor below me when I heard girls murmuring.

"Do you really think Mr. Z and that freak have a secret relationship?" A skinny girl said.

Before her friend answered, I confidently walked in and shot daggers at them.

They left me and went to class. After changing to my awful brown shirt and shorts, I followed suit.

As I joined the rest of the class I spotted by one best friend drooling over the hottest guy on school. I sneakily went behind her and covered her eyes. "Guess Who?" I said in a monotone voice.

"V?" She asked. I laughed and let her see me. My best friend Amanda was one of the most sought out girls in school. She had long blonde hair that passed her shoulders, a greenish- grey pair of eyes, and a model's body that's to die for.

People often questioned her judgment of becoming my friend. I was one of them. She steered clear from the popular group and wouldn't date boys without my permission, we were that close.

Fortunately for her, her stares were requited with smirks from the guys.

North Pacific had a ton of hot guys but none of them were too intellectual for my taste and besides I was too ugly for theirs. We were talking about our classes when the gym teacher, Mr. Martin, called out Amanda to demonstrate jump roping. She was worse than me in athletics. The only reason our teacher asked her was because he was gonna check her out. He was fit for a gym teacher, but he wasn't fortunate in the looks department. There were several reports of sexual abuse filed against him but none were proven to be true.

After gym, I lazily said bye to Amanda, and left school not bothering to change my clothes. I walked to my Volkswagen Bettle in the schools parking lot. My family was "rich" in other's terms but I just called it being fortunate. My dad was a top notch architect while my mom was one of the most famous fashion designers in the US. Due to their work, I was left alone with the housekeeper almost every night.

I walked in and as usual, no one was home. The interior as any other house was magnificent. The living room was filled with red furniture, my favorite color. I walked up the stairs and into my room just around the corner.

I walked in to my room and looked at myself at the mirror. My room as any other room in the house was decorated by lavish red furniture, from my bed to the walls. I was sick of being laughed at and called a freak. The strong girl everybody knew was just an act. I had feelings too and I wanted a change. I stood up and went to the balcony to think.  

As I was gazing through the stars, I was lucky enough to see a falling star. Being superstitious, I closed my eyes and I said a wish. I wished to be better than my current state; to be noticed not appalled by people. I wished to be prettier and better than my best friend Amanda, a wish just to be like her.

I went to bed, and this time, I didn't have the same dream. I dreamt of the boys from school whistling as I walk by and saw my own self leaning at my locker sighing. It was a weird dream.

The next morning I woke up to the alarm installed in the house, this was to prevent me from oversleeping. I stood up and made my bed and I was about to go to the bathroom when I saw my reflection in the mirror.

It wasn't me anymore. I looked just like Amanda.


Hope you guys like this story :- )

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