chapter twelve

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    "Are you seriously running off to the bakery again?" Minho asked Newt who stood by his bike, ready to get on and drive to the other side of the town. The blond put on his helmet, grinning at his best friend which was enough to answer his question. Minho let out a childlike whine, and Newt thought that the boy even might stomp his foot in the ground like a three-year-old because he looked so upset. "But it's Saturday, Newt! We're supposed to hang out, play fifa, smoke, go to a club, argue with Harriet, make out with Harriet-"

    "You are the one who always argue and make out with Harriet, Minho," Newt said with a chuckle as he threw one leg over the motorcycle. "Sorry, but I'm really not in the mood for doing much today. I just want to sit down with my lovely cup of tea and perhaps read a book-"

    "Or, in other words, flirt with Thomas and embarrass yourself."

"What? I- I don't- I'm not flirting with him!"

    "Yeah, sure, act like I don't already know. I'm your best friend, remember? I have seen you looking at him with heart eyes and how you're always so sweet to him and all that lovey dovey stuff. I'm not stupid." Newt huffed at Minho's words. He knew he couldn't lie because now that Minho knew about him lowkey crushing on Thomas (more like high-key but no one had to know that except him), there was nothing that could make him believe anything else.

    "My flirting is at least much better than yours," Newt replied with a small laugh. "I'll see you later, Min-"

    "No, wait! This time, I'm going with you." Newt's eyes widened as his friend jumped on the bike behind him. "Let's go see your flirt-buddy, yeah?"

    "Minho-" Newt wanted to complain and tell him to get off, but there was no use in even trying because his friend only interrupted him by rambling on and on about how they never hang out anymore because Newt was always with Thomas, even though they hung out all the time at school and almost every day after Newt had been at the bakery.

Newt wanted to tell him no, because every time he was at the bakery, it was his and Thomas's only chance to hang out by themselves. It was the only place where they could really be together without having any students from the Northside and Southside telling them that they should stay away from each other, or people giving them weird looks or glares. And it wasn't like Newt could go home to Thomas or Thomas could go home to Newt, so the bakery was their place. Well, it depended on if Thomas's parents were there or not, but they usually weren't there when Newt came by because Thomas always texted him a smiley if his parents weren't at the bakery.

So he drove to the lovely bakery with Minho, rolling his eyes every time his friend would scream of joy and wave with his arms. Minho had always been in love with motorbikes and how free he felt when driving one, and Newt understood him, but didn't really share his big love. He mostly just drove one because everyone else did. He planned on giving his bike to Minho one day, because he prefered to walk or take the bus, but right now, he really needed to show people that he still was a southsider so they wouldn't get upset with him, or blame Thomas for "changing him".

When they arrived at the bakery, Newt opened his mouth to tell Minho to be cool and not embarrass him in front of Thomas, but he never got the chance because his friend ran like he was a child being chased by his parents for stealing candy. Newt sighed heavily and shoved both hands into the pockets of his leather jacket before he also entered the bakery.

He immediately noticed the flowers inside, the yellow, pink and purple ones that Newt had brought Thomas yesterday, that decorated the counter and the tables that each had a small vase with a single flower. Even though the flowers were beauty sent from heaven, they were nothing compared to the brunet boy who stood by the counter. Thomas's eyes were closed as laughter erupted from his pretty lips. Minho stood in front of him, rambling about something that Newt didn't care about because he was busy listening to the heavenly laughter Thomas had.

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