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First Competition!
art! contestants please make your way over to the studio in 3 hours~
you have plenty of time make sure you're ready with your teammate!


Rise and Shine! The suns' awake so I'm awake! It's my first competition! woooop~ cute guys here I come!

I also want to prove to Kim Taehyung that I'm capable of succeeding at things, because in his eyes I'm just a weak little 'kitty'. I don't approve of that nickname by the way.

I remember I slept next to him yesterday...n-NOT LIKE THAT.

I'm scared of thunder and I needed to be somewhere warm and comfy to sleep.
Also just to mention it's rude and unfair that I have to sleep on the floor and he gets to sleep on the bed.

He made that rule and I'm breaking it!
I woke up but he's not there.
Hm where has he gone ?

I walk over to the bathroom to get ready for my very first competition! I turn the door handle to see the door knob wasn't working.

"WHATS WRONG with this DOOR?!"
I kick it frustratedly

a deep male voice yelled from inside the bathroom.

"OH! OOPS SORRY" I yelled back awkwardly feeling embarrassed.

I was going to go over to the kitchen and make myself a healthy breakfast that'll give me energy for the day!

Until I heard another irrelevant yell from the bathroom

"DONT MAKE BREAKFAST! We're eating with my friend and his teammate!" He yelled in a strict tone.

I could hear the sound of water suddenly stop; seems like he's done

"WHY DO I HAVE TO COME! I never agreed!" I whined like a child not getting her ice cream

I waited leaned against the wall next to the bathroom, patiently waiting for my turn like an obedient girl.

Until the door swinged open with force realising clouds of white stream and a strong scent of coconut shampoo and men's aftershave.

He stood with a white towel wrapped around his waist a little low revealing some of his V-line which I couldn't help but stare.

It looked like his towel would slip off any minute to reveal something most girls would kill to see.
Good thing I'm not most girls.

I looked up to his face, his drowsy eyes looking relaxed after his warm shower and soaking wet hair starting to dry on its own; he ran his fingers through it causing droplets of water to fall from his head.

I slowly looked down where my eyes met his toned lower body.
His muscular arms.
Perfection at its fines-


"AH!!" I yelled snapping back to reality
God I think I was starting at him too much unconditionally.

"If you're done checking me out, I think we should get going?" He questioned with a proud smirk on his face.

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