Chapter 28

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Kellin's POV

I'm upset and hurt but I try not to show it. Junior has yet to speak to me. He felt comfortable enough to speak to Vic but he won't talk to me. I don't want to push him or pressure him but I miss his voice.

Although I am relieved that Junior and Vic had their talk. Vic was glowing and emotional when he told me this morning. I can tell they're already closer.

I watch the boy as he writes in a notebook I gave him. I was hoping he'd use it to communicate but he's just been writing for a while now. He seems happy though and I know he'll talk when he's ready.

Vic starts ruffling through the backpack I brought, probably for snacks.

"You hungry?" he asks me and I shake my head.

He goes back to look then he stops and pulls something out. My heart stops when I realize it's the envelope Papa gave me to give to Junior.

"Shit." I whisper, realizing that we're going to have to tell him.

Vic looks stressed but I can tell that he knows this needs to be done.

"Junior," Vic says.

Junior looks at him, letting him know that he's got his attention.

"Last week, Grandpapa passed away." Vic says softly.

Junior drops his pencil and swallows hard, looking between us with wide eyes.

"He had a brain tumor. It was all very sudden but he was happy. He left you this." Vic explains, handing Junior the envelope.

He opens the envelope and pulls out a letter. Vic holds my hand as we watch Junior read over the letter.

When he's finished, he puts it aside and wipes his teary eyes.

"You okay, buddy?" I ask him.

He nods and picks up the envelope again. He reaches in and pulls out a stack of photographs. He starts flipping through them and a smile falls on his face.

He turns one around and holds it out to me. I take it and smile when I realize it's a picture from Vic and I's wedding. We didn't want a big wedding so we didn't even bother hiring a photographer but Papa did the courtesy of snapping pictures all day. But I've never seen them before and I didn't even think to ask.

I show Vic and his face lights up.

"You looked so beautiful." he murmurs, grinning at me.

I giggle and kiss his cheek then I turn back to Junior.

"You were in my tummy when this photo was taken." I tell him and his smile gets wider.

"I remember when you told me. There has been very few times when I felt that happy." Vic says looking at me lovingly.

"I still remember the look on your face." I beam.

Vic leans over and kisses me but unfortunately our moment is interrupted by my phone going off.

I pull it out and find a text from Tay.

From Tay: we're home and rested. Ready to bring Ella over when you're ready.

I look up at Junior who's still flipping through pictures.

"Kiddo, would you like to see Ella? She's missed you." I ask.

His eyes go wide as he looks up at me.

"Ella." he squeaks out.

He leaps out of bed as fast as he can and hobbles over to the connected bathroom.

I follow confused and find him fixing his hair in the mirror, frowning at the side that has been shaved and the scar on his head.

"I'll take that as a yes." I grin then I text Tay back.

Junior showers and I help him fix his hair but he's definitely going to need some kind of a haircut.

I don't know why he's so nervous but it's adorable.

He sits on the edge of the bed and waits, kicking his legs back and forth anxiously.

Ella soon arrived and immediately bursts into tears as she rushes over to Junior, throwing her arms around him tightly. He holds her back and shushes her comfortingly as she cries. Once she settles down a bit, he pulls back and takes her face in his hands. They stare into each others eyes for a minute then Junior leans forward and kisses her.

I slap my hand over my mouth and I can see Tay standing at the door nearly dying.

"Our little baby is growing up." Vic whispers to me and I start crying softly.

I don't want him to grow up. I never want to let go of him.

"I love you." Junior whispers to Ella who's grinning.

"I love you too." she whispers back. "And I love your hair. I think you should shave the other side too."

"Yeah? You think so?" Junior smiles amused.

"I do." Ella giggles.

I'm happy for them but I begin to feel disheartened because he has yet to speak to me.

The day goes on and Junior spends the day cuddling with Ella as they whisper to each other.

Towards end of the night, Mike arrives with the girls and for the first time in weeks, we truly feel like a family again.

"You should go home tonight, sleep in a bed." Mike suggests to Vic and I.

I look to Junior who's nodding.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" I ask him and he nods. "Well I guess we should go."

Junior's eyes go wide and he grabs his notebook. He tears out two pages and it looks like he's going to give them to me until he scrunches them up and tosses them away.

I'm confused but brush it off. The less I stress about this whole not communicating thing, the better.

"Come on, girls. Say goodbye." Vic says standing up and putting his jacket on.

"Actually," Mike starts. "I'm taking the girls to a five star hotel for the night for pampering."

I frown confused.

"What? Why?" I ask.

Vic leans in close to my ear.

"I think so we can have the house to ourselves." Vic whispers.

It's takes a second but then it clicks.


I turn to Vic and he looks a little hopeful.

"I think that is a good idea." I smirk.

He grins and kisses my neck softly.

"Okay, save it for the bedroom. Get out of here." Tay beams.

We say our quick goodbyes to Junior and everyone else then we finally leave and honestly, I'm nervous. Vic's about to find out about my cuts and it could ruin everything.

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