- Chapter 24 -

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I woke up and went to the kitchen like every other day. The only difference was that Chaeyoung wasn't there. I looked around the house and found Chaeyoung in the living room. I silently sat next to her. There was a few seconds of silence, as both of us didn't know how to deal with the situation. Finally, Chaeyoung started the conversation.
"Dahyun. What are you gonna do? Did you hear anything from PD-nim? Please tell me that nothing bad's gonna happen."
She seemed very upset.
I sighed,
"Chaeyoung, I'm so sorry. Even if I face consequences that I don't like, I gotta deal with it. I was the one that caused this, and I deserve what I get."
The only thing that I could imagine was getting kick out of JYP. I was sorry for letting my family, friends and JYP down. I felt useless. Feeling disappointed in myself was all I could do. Everything I practiced and put my time and effort into has suddenly have been destroyed, just because of me, myself.
For the whole day, I stayed up in my bed, just thinking about my future. I had no hope. My passion for success and happiness was starting to go away.

As I was wasting my time, thinking of unnecessary negative thoughts, my phone rang. I picked it up even if I didn't know who the dialer was.
"Kim Dahyun trainee, I inform you with a quick meeting that will be held in the main JYP building. It will be between you, me and Jinyoung hyung."
When I heard the voice, I recognized that it was Bang PD.
"Okay. I will be there by 4:00 pm."
I ended the call and sighed.
'Finally it's time for me to face my consequences.'

When I entered the room, I was surprised by two things. One, because of the presence of Jungkook, and two, because of how JYP PD-nim and Bang PD was in a good mood.
"Oh Dahyun. Please take a seat." Bang PD invited me to join.
When I sat down, JYP PD-nim starting talking.
"It seems like you guys are more than friends. To be honest, I was very surprised to hear the news."
Bang PD laughed and agreed with PD-nim.
PD-nim continued,
"First of all, you're not in trouble Dahyun. So don't be too nervous."
I was pleasantly surprised by the good news, but it was too early to be relieved.
"But I must say, that it was surely a dangerous situation for your future career as an idol. If this young gentlemen here didn't stand up for you, I wouldn't have been too happy with what happened." PD nim said.
Bang PD smiled, "Kim Dahyun trainee, and Jeon Jungkook. You both could've been more careful with your actions, knowing that you guys are included in a very sensitive and critical industry."
Jungkook and I silently nodded our head.
"Especially you Jungkook. Why did you not listen to Dahyun? You should have been more carful."
Jungkook lowered his head and apologized.
"Well, Jinyoung hyung and I had came to a conclusion of managing the media by stating that the news is false, and we are not going to interfere with your love stories. " JYP PD-nim continued,
"But there is a deal, Dahyun. If you want to debut as a JYP artist, you've got to wait for 3 years after your debut. That is when I won't mind about any of your love life."
I was so happy. I was able to chase for my dreams again.
"Thank you JYP PD nim, for giving me another chance. I won't waste this opportunity, and I will work harder than I ever did!"
I was tearing up.
Jungkook and I looked at each other, and smiled. We knew that we will not be able to meet each other for a while, but it was fine since I knew that we were both happy that our future and career won't be ruined.

From that day on, my mind was only on accomplishing my debut as an idol from JYP Entertainment.

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