ur a bitch gazzy

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The boy groaned and rolled over in the bed, taking most of the sheets with him. Emery stretched in my same spot, a yawn escaping her lips as she looked at the catastrophe in her room, bottles of liquor all over the place. She saw Omar on the other side of the room, he was laying down and scrolling through what she presumed was Instagram.

"So you're up?" He asked. Emery mumbled a small yes, the sudden waves of headache and nausea rushing over her.

"What the fuck happened last night?" She asked, clutching her head, the pounding intensified. Omar laughed and sat up to face the girl.

"First of all, you might wanna go and put some clothes on." He said motioning to her naked body. Emery's eyes went wide as she looked at herself, holy shit she was naked. Running over to her closet, she threw on the first things that were in sight, embarrassed to bare all in front of her best friend.

"It's no big deal, Em. I don't know if you remember half the shit you did last night. But I'm ready to-"

"Spill it now, bitch." She said, pulling him out of the room. For the most part, most of the house was organized with the exception of a few unconscious people lying here and there. Omar sat opposite of me on the large couch, she kept him close as he began to unravel the details of the night.

"So the main thing you did was try to have a threesome with me and Gazzy."

A gasp escaped her lips.

"I didn't let you fuck me, but Gazzy is another story. You guys probably fucked like three times."

"Why the fuck didn't you stop me?"

Omar laughed, "I tried, you just didn't listen."

Panic spread through out her body, she cheated on her Jahseh! Poor Jahseh would be broken if he found out.

"You realize that this is gonna start major issues if word gets out about you fucking Gazzy."

"Oh god. What the fuck am I gonna do? What the fuck am I gonna tell Jay?"

"Calm down. You're gonna have to tell him at some point, just make sure someone doesn't tell him for you."

A buzz interrupted Emery's conversation. She looked over at her phone only to see an unfamiliar name, gussy boo. Who the fuck was that?

"Uh, Omar, Did we meet anyone named Gus by any chance?"

He laughed, "No, the fuck? We didn't even leave the house."

"Then who the fuck is texting me?" She showed her text notification and Omar shrugged. Why would he be texting her so early? Even though the time read 11:42, it felt much earlier.


gussy boo:

gussy boo:
It's 11:42, ur ass best
be up

gussy boo:
Told u I would text in
exactly 12 hours to check
up on u


who the fuck are u

like i don't mean to seem
rude or anything but i was
like drunk as shit last night,,
so like idk u :/

gussy boo:
Nah it's fine

gussy boo:
We became friends last night
when u texted me

gussy boo:
I asked how u got my number
and u said 'it didn't fucking
matter' cause i'm irrelevant 😪



also why is ur contact name
in my phone gussy boo

gussy boo:
cause ur a f*g



but that's a slur, sir 🤧

gussy boo:
i mean i'm like, half gay

gussy boo:
so can i still use it


and me too omg!

bi king & queen 😚😚

gussy boo:
Real shit

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