Chapter 15

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Y/N's pov:


The sound of the bell ringing instantly snapped us back to reality.

" Y/N let's go back first. We'll talk after this. " Jisung said as we exited the rooftop.

" Gwenchana? (Are you okay) " Jinyoung asked when we sat down on our chairs.

" I'm fine. " I said in a low voice before resting my head on the table.

Soon, the teacher came into the classroom and class started as per normal except for the fact that Jung ho and Woojin were not in class.

<Time skip>

" Guys, have you seen Woojin?" Jihoon asked after the class ended.

" No. After we left the rooftop, he was gone along with Jung ho. " Minhyun said.

" I'm sure he'll find us. Let's go to the cafeteria first. " Jaehwan said and lead the way out of the classroom, to the cafeteria.

On the way there, I saw a figure stomping his way up the stairs. The boys didn't notice it because they were walking in front, but I was trailing behind them.

Isn't that Woojin..?

I followed my hunch and followed the boy up the stairs without telling the rest of the boys.

When I reached the rooftop, I opened the door slightly and I was right! It was Woojin. But, something was wrong. His face was bruised on one side.

" I know you're there. Just come in. " I heard his deep voice.

I gulped my saliva and opened the door wide, before walking towards him.

" What happened to your face?" I asked timidly.

He just looked away, ignoring my question which made me annoyed.

" Park Woojin, what happened to your fa-"

" I beat up Park Jung ho up okay? Happy now?" He raised his voice, startling me.

" Woojin.." I was shocked at his coldness towards me.

" Stop getting into people's business okay? You don't need to know everything. " He said coldly.

" Why did you become so cold?" I asked in a faint voice and I swear I saw his eyes soften, but it immediately went back to the cold ones.

He just walked off without answering my question, leaving me alone at the rooftop.

Millions of thought flashed through my mind.

What did I do? Why did he become so cold? Why did he beat up Park Jung ho?

*Ring* *Ring*

My phone rang, snapping me out of my thoughts, and I quickly picked it up.

" Hello?"

" Y/N where are you? Woojin just came to the cafeteria. " Daehwi said.

" I'll pass. I have no appetite. " I said and hanged up and quickly made my way to the classroom.

<At night>

After thinking for the whole night, I figured that something was definitely wrong.

Woojin was so worried when I cut myself that time. But now, his angry at me?

I decided to confront Daehwi since he was the closest to me.

I knocked on Daehwi's door and heard a loud, "Come in!" before entering.

" What's up? " He asked while lying on his bed.

" Can I ask you a question?"

" Sure. " He replied with a big smile.

" It's about Woojin. Do you know why he's acting so cold towards me?" I asked and noticed that Daehwi's expression changed when I mentioned Woojin.

He definitely knows something.

" I-I don't really think he is. Is he?" Daehwi stuttered.

This kid really can't lie...

" Tell me. I know you know something. Please?" I begged him.

" Fine... I'll tell you. " He sighed in defeat.

" Well, that was easier than expected. " I chuckled.

" Anyway the reason why he's so cold to you is because he feels bad. He feels bad because he wasn't by your side when you needed him. He decided to be cold to you so you could be mad at him and just hate him. He feels really guilty for doubting you at that time. " Daehwi said.

I was speechless at his words. I never knew Woojin felt like that.

" And one more thing. I think Woojin has feelings for you. "

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