Part 19

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《Skyler! Rose got in a car crash we have to leave!》 Tom yelled.
《Wh-what?》 I stuttered trying to prosess what's happening. 《Rose is in a coma we have to get her medical records to the hospital.》 He said I couldn't keep it in anymore a tear ran down my face then a dozen more. I didn't have a facial expressions I just looked like a robot leaking. Why? What did I do to deserve this? Everything is going the wrong way for me. 《No! Skyler stay with us!》 I heard Tom yell as every thing went black.
I suddenly  heard voices. 《What the fuck happened to her?!》 I hear a familiar voice saying. 《The shock from the news were just way too much for her. 》 another familiar voice said.... it was the gang doctor. 《When will she wake up?》 The same voice said I recognise the voice now it was Cayden. I suddenly remember what happened I need to get too Rose. I just have to get my fucking eyes open. Come on don't fail me eyes my eyelids felt like bricks. I finally opened them. 《Finally your awake.》 Cayden said walking towards me. 《I need to get to Rose.》 I said sitting up. 《You should really be resting.》 Cayden said. 《I don't give a flying fuck.》 I said getting up. 《Where is Rose?!》 I asked. 《In the hospital I can drive you.》 He offered. 《Thanks.》 I said we got to his car and drove the car ride was quiet. When we got there I ran into the hospital. I got to the reception. 《Where the fuck is Rose Gordolon's room.》 I asked. 《Its room 146 she is stable right now here is a schedule of visiting hours. You can visit now tho.》 She said I just replied with a thanks. I ran up the stairs and got outside her room. It was 3 police officers there. 《Hey are you Skylar? Rose's boyfriend Tom said that we should talk to you.》 The officer said. 《Okay do you have any idea who did this?》 I asked. 《We only have one clue a note that were put on the car after the crash.》 He handed me a note. It said : Who will be next? Lover boy or your dearest brother?
The officer's left. Cayden walked up to me I didn't react to anything. 《Princess are you okay?》 He asked. I didn't respond. I made a phone call. 《Keith get every member of the black shadows were in a war.》 I said. 《Cayden I need you to have your most trusted members with you at all time.》 I said. 《What why?》 He said. 《We're in war Cayden I want you to be safe I'll have my gang watching you.》 I said. 《You don't need that I have the second biggest gang in America.》 He said. 《And I have the biggest. I'll do anything to protect the once I love.》 I said. I walked inside to Rose's room. 《Tom take 3 men and get them to guard the door the rest is fighting with me.》 I said. 《Why are they fighting?》 He asked. 《Marco's back it's war.》 I said. 《Okay be careful don't let your anger take control over your mind.》 He said. 《I know I have to go say if Rose wakes up!》 I said walking out the door. 《Princess are you fucking kidding me are you the leader of the number 1 most dangerous and biggest gangs in America!!!!》 He said shocked. 《Yeah but now we're fighting the biggest in Europe.》 I said. 《I'm helping you.》 He said. 《No. If you want to help me get you and my brother safe.》 I said. 《Can you drive me home so I can drive and tell the members to get their family safe.》 I said. 《Okay let's go.》 He said. 《If I find out that you fight in this I will literally murder you.》 I mumbled. 《I love you princess.》 He mumbled unhearable. 《Cayden I am probably going to die in this fight. I want you to take over for me if I die.
Understand?》 I said. 《Princess don't leave me.》 He said. 《I have to kill him or he'll kill everyone else.》 I said. 《Princess I love you.》 He said kissing me. 《I love you too even tho I almost just met you.》 I said. 《Please Princess I beg you don't fight.》 He said. 《I have to or I may seem weak and he'll kill everyone.》 I said. 《Your not weak your the strongest most beautiful person I have ever met.》 He said I reeled that my cheeks started to warm up. 《I love you.》 He said. 《I love you more than you know.》 I said and mumbled the last part.

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