Open your eyes

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I nearly drowned in his brown pools, but managed to crawl to the surface as he took a step in my direction, resulting in me taking a step back, away from him. His eyes flitted over to the blood soaked t-shirt, which lay crumpled in the hamper, then back to me again.

«Iris...» He breathed as he took another step towards me.

I steped back again. He came slowly closer, prowling towards me, and I sunk back away from him. We continued our fleeting dance untill my back hit the pristine white tiled wall behind me, cutting off my escape. My hands trembled as my wide eyes took in the deadly creature slowly making its way across the floor, making its way towards me.

The breathtaking creature before me had slowly lulled me into trusting him. He had made me long for him, made me give myself to him, and in the process made me forget what he really was, made me forget the monster that lurked beneath that pleasing mask.

I squeesed my eyes shut as he glided closer, shutting him out. What you cant see cant hurt you. Dont look. Dont look. Dont look. Dont look! My bottom lip trembled. I was shaking, closing my eyes, hiding from reality, from him. I was hiding like a child afraid of the monster lurking underneath the bed. What you cant see, cant hurt you! Keep your eyes closed! DONT LOOK!

I felt him in front of me, so very, very close, too close. My breath came in loud gasps, too loud, too fast. DONT LOOK! The sound of his palm landing flat against the tiles right beside my head vibrated against my ear. I let out a low squeel of panic. He is going to get me! DONT LOOK!

Suddenly his thumb and index finger dug almost painfully into my chin. I wanted to cry out, but couldnt, I just continued to gasp for air, almost like a fish out of water.

«Open your eyes, love.» His velvet voice tried to coax me into compliance. The last word leaving his mouth cut into me, stabbing at me like a dull knife. The sound made me feel like I should be bleeding from my very soul.

DONT LOOK! My mind screamed the words, desperatly trying to drown him out. To drown out the sound of the beautiful monster which I had given myself to.

«I dont like to repeat myself.» His breath against my ear, his voice deadly.

DONT LOOK! My mind screamed again. Please dont look, just please dont, my inner voice started to beg, as it felt my resolve begin to falter.

I crushed my bottom lip between my teeth, flinching as I inflicted pain upon myself.

«Open you eyes.» He commanded again, his low unyeilding voice vibrated through the room.

No! Dont look, please, please dont look, my mind continued to beg. I ignored its paniced pleas, and slowly opened my eyes.

My wide, startled eyes met him, met Bryan.

He removed his hand from my chin, and tapped his index finger gently against my painfilled lip. I opened my mouth at his silent command, my teeth relesing my imprisoned, wounded lip. My mouth filled with a sickly sweet metalic flavour.

A long heavy sigh escaped his parted lips, as he closed his eyes for a second, before opening them again, recapturing my wide eyes with his own narrowed ones.

«I already made it quite clear that wont hurt you love, so can you please stop hurting yourself.» His warm gaze let go of my trapped blue orbs, and settled on my bleeding lip.

I stood perfectly frozen as he bent closer. His silky tongue graced across my bottom lip, sampling the red fluid coating it, before he started to gently kiss the pain away. His soft lips pressed carefully against mine, as they tried to pleasure away the pain, pleasure away the terror, and the torment, as he desperatly tried to bring me back to him.

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