Chapter 1

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   It all started with my nightly patrol on Thursday. I was swinging from rooftop to rooftop, as usual, when I noticed a man in a red and black suit in an alley with another guy, who appeared to be tied up. I went down to investigate and found the guy in the suit ready to kill the other guy.
   "Woah, woah, slow down!" I said, interrupting the mercenary. "I'm sure this can be solved without killing someone!"
   "Hey, you're kinda cute!" The man in the suit exclaimed, shooting the other guy and making his way over to me. "I'm Deadpool, I'm sure you've heard of me."
   I grimaced, looking at the dead man and nodded. "Unfortunately."
   "You must be Spider-Man!" He said, putting his gun away. "Ya know, I've heard a lot about you."
   "Why did you kill him?" I asked, clearly disturbed.
   "He had a high price on his head." Deadpool answered, smirking under his suit. "Now, if you'll excuse me baby boy, I have to go collect my ransom."
   Then he took off, disappearing into the night. I sighed, disappointed, confused, and slightly... No, I pushed the thought out of my head. I didn't like him, I couldn't like him, he's a criminal for God's sake! I finally decided to take off and find my way back to Stark tower, where I'm sure my dads were pretty pissed that I was out so late.

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