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- J O S H U A -

I received more punches and kicks after that morning.

It became his daily routine, for me to become his human punching bag. But I let him. Because I know that I deserve this.

I deserve more than punches and kicks on my body.

I deserve more than the slits on my forearm.

I deserve more.

On the bright side, I managed to hide every bruise and wound I have, to mom. Although my first black eye wasn't able to hide since it was big and very visible. But I managed to reason with her.

As I walked home, I was pulled to an alley where familiar faces greeted me with a push to the dirty, cemented floor.

Five of my schoolmates, or specifically, Mark's teammates, started to use me as their punching bag. I groan in pain when one of his friends landed a large blow to my stomach and kicked my leg.

"Serves you right." Mark said as I saw him lean against the wall opposite us, watching his athlete friends beat the living hell out of me.

I don't fight back nor cower in fear since I deserve this, and that hiding from them would do nothing. It was an unfair fight; five versus one.

With their physique over mine, it was already over.

I'm pretty fit myself but compared to these football players, I don't think I can survive a fight with them.

"P-please. S-stop. I t-think that's q-quite enough for the d-day." I managed to cough out the words, louder than I even expected.

Their hits faltered and I saw the guys parted their ways for Mark to walk to me.

"Listen very well, dipshit. You don't have a say to this, I do. I'm the motherfucking boss, you hear me?" He spat.

"Y-yes sir." I said.

He walked back to his spot and the guys started to circle around me again. But before they can land their kick on me, they were stopped by a girl's voice.

"What the fuck is happening here?" A strong voice of a girl said.

"None of your business, bitch. Get lost." Mark said.

I coughed and spat blood on the floor and that alone gave them the accidental 'go' sign to abuse me again.

Surprising all of us, a punch was heard around the alley and all of the boys simultaneously stopped kicking me.

"What the fuck?" Mark exclaimed.

"You little shit. Why don't you pick somebody your own size huh?"

"Continue what you're doing! I'll handle this nobody!" As their leader's wish, they continued.

Like robots.

Just when I started to give in to the darkness, all of them halted and ran away. I coughed some blood again and lied down on the cold alley floor, too weak to stand up.

"Hey, hey. Dude, you gotta stay awake man." A soft voice was heard and I didn't listen.

I fell into darkness.

- x -

I woke to the sound of beeping.

Like a heart rate.


I slowly opened my eyes to see a blinding light and the smell of sanitizers.

The hospital.

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