Chapter 4

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Chris' POV

"Dude, it's obvious you like her. Hurry up and ask her out or something!" Dylan insisted watching me stare in amazement at Tara.

"I'm not asking her out I'm new so she probably likes one of you guys not me, anyway she can do way better," I replied though I really do want to ask her out.

"Whatever you think, just remember you won't have this chance forever so do it while you can. Just at least go talk to her," Dylan persuaded me.

I walked as slow as a turtle where Tara and her friend were sitting. What should i say? I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna ask her out! I just have to keep confident just like Dylan said I won't have this chance forever.

"H-h-hey T-tara,"

Why was I stuttering I never stutter. I could feel my cheeks getting hotter and hotter.

"Hey" she smiled.

I looked deeply into her sparkly brown eyes I've never seen someone as beautiful as her, okay just say the simple six words "will you go out with me?" and then it will be over. I took a deep breath.

"W-w-will y-you," she stared at me confused god what was I doing! I sound like an idiot.

"Please give me some of the answers off the homework we had?" the words quickly came out of my mouth. I can't believe I couldn't say those simple six words!

"Oh yeah sure," Tara replied I couldn't tell if she was pissed or not because she rolled her eyes straight after I asked for some answers like wow! Why is she so pissed?!

I walked as quick as I could back to Dylan his probably just gonna call me a scaredy cat or something uhhh I should of asked! Now I can't go back because then I look retarded.

"Did you ask her?!" Dylan asked eager for an answer.


"Dude seriously just do it!" Dylan sounded pissed off.

"Fine okay fine!" I yelled getting mad.

I now walked faster to their table. Tara was staring at me, man she is so bloody pretty!! Okay who cares nows the time to ask her!

"Okay Tara," she looked at me listening to ever single bit I say.

"W-w-will you go out with me?" I asked carefully seeking an answer. I gave a cheeky half smile.

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