chapter 34

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Rosie pov:-

"Wh...what?", I shuttered, my mind was streaming with questions but I stopped myself from asking her. She turned to look at me and then at my stomach, she shook her head and averted her gaze back to the sky. She became silent without answering my question. I bit my lip not knowing what to do. I too turned away from her and looked at the sky. I don't want to press her for answers. We both sat in comfortable silence gazing at the stars above us.

"I was mated to a vampire", she whispered softly breaking the silence between us. I took a sharp breath when I heard the word vampire. I thought they were just rumors. I didn't know that vampires actually exits. They are dark evil creatures. Human kingdom was far away from the vampire kingdom, I think that's why no one bothered to believe that they truly exited.

"Not any vampire but the king himself, he is my mate and I'm his beloved. When I was fifteen I met him, Ryan , that time we didn't know we were each other's mate. We become friends, then lovers. When I turned eighteen I found out that he was my mate, I was extremely overjoyed. Soon he became the king of the vampire kingdom. When we told this to my brother, he accepted immediately even though the council members were against it", she smiled sadly as she remembered, now tears streamed down her face. I moved closer to her and kept my hand on her shoulder to show my support.

"We both married later in the same year and I was announced as their queen,  at first we were very happy, in our own dream Land. I was very happy, everyday when I woke up I felt like I was in heaven. Everything was going good till the only person who destroyed my life entered in our lives. His name is Albert, he is the cousins brother of Ryan. He is a power crazed psycho, he will go to any extent to sit in the thrown as the king. Ryan didn't know any of his ploy's. He was playing Ryan and misleading him. Ryan trusted Albert more than me.

Soon I found out I was pregnant, the whole kingdom was overjoyed with the news except Albert. When I was in my fifth month, I was bought to the throne room not as the queen but as the culprit. Albert made everyone believe that the child I was carrying belonged to him. Ryan, Instead of believing in me he believed Albert words. I tried so hard to make him know the truth but he didn't believe me. The whole kingdom believed him not me. Ryan lashed out in anger, one moment I was standing carrying my child and the next moment I was on the floor bleeding between my legs, I lost my child. My own husband killed our own daughter ", I gasped and closed my mouth with my hands. A loud painful sob escaped from her. I quickly composed myself and wrapped my hands around her. Sobs wrecked her body, she trembled in my arms. My own tears flowed from my eyes. I tried to calm her down but it was futile.

We both sobbed holding each other. I stayed quiet not wanting to make her more upset and sad. Soon her loud sobs subsided into sniffles. She pulled back from me.

"They put me in the prison for 3 years, in that moment I just wanted to die and escape from all the pain. The pain of losing my daughter and betrayal from my husband broke me into pieces. I couldn't even get out from there, I tried many ways to escape from that hell but I couldn't. Albert took full charge of controlling the kingdom. Ryan was clouded with anger that he didn't even see his wife and his kingdom suffering in the hands of Albert. I don't know how but Edward got to know about the situation here, but he came to rescue me with his army. In rage he killed Albert and Ryan", I stiffened, my body tensed when she said that Edward killed Ryan. I looked down at her. She just shook her head and turned back  towards the sky.

"All the love I had for Ryan vanished when he killed our daughter. All the respect I had for his were gone when I saw how his kingdom people suffered because of his ignorance. I didn't hate Edward for killing Ryan, I'm just grateful for him to save me and the kingdom people. All the people accepted me back when they got to know the truth but I refused to be their queen. I gave the responsibility of the vampire kingdom to Edward. When we returned back to werewolf kingdom, I just didn't like the way people treat me. Looking at me with pitiful gaze so I asked Edward to create a new place for me to live peacefully. But before doing that he made me promise that I will return back one day and move on with my life. Its been eight years since I came here. I still don't have the courage to go back and still not strong enough to move on. Everyday my memories haunts me", she finished still looking at the sky, she wiped her tears and turned towards me and gave me a small sad forced smile. I bit my lip trying to not to cry but few tears escaped from my eyes.

"I'm sorry", I didn't know what to say except being sorry, sorry for judging her, without knowing her story. I quickly embraced her in my arms. She let a few sobs on my shoulder and pulled back from me.

" Its not your fault. You didn't expect this kind of past from me right?", She asked chuckling slowly, I just nodded my head. She laughed and said pulled me back into her arms.

"You're the strongest woman I have ever seen. Where ever your daughter is, she is proud of you. I hope you find the strength in you and move on with your life", I whispered softly in her ears. She pulled back and smiled at me. She wiped my tears.

"You know what I hate more is people pitying me, please don't pity me", she said smiling at me.

"I'm not pitying you its just my love and respect towards you", I said, a small smile tugged on her face, it was not a sad smile but a genuine one.

"Come on let's head back, its getting darker and I feel Edward will be returning back soon", she winked at me and stood up. I was surprised how she changed her mood so quickly. I just hope she always stays happy.

She glanced at the sky one more time and then turned towards me. I nodded at her. We both walked back towards the house. We stayed quiet while walking back.

"Ella"I called out when went inside the house. She turned towards and nodded her head for me to continue.

"Thanks for believing in me and sharing your past", I told her. She just laughed and shook her head.

"Your my sister in law and I like you. I just felt like sharing with you, it actually felt good sharing my past with you", she said smiling. We both said our good nights and went inside our own chambers.

I went towards the balcony and leaned over gazing at the star filled sky. I wonder how lonely Ella's life is here. She lived here alone for eight years. I couldn't help but let out a few tears, I felt sad for Ella. Nobody deserves that kind of love. In that moment I decided to take her back with me. She just needed a willing hand to support.

With that thought I strode towards the bed and laid on it. Slowly I drifted off to sleep with my hand placed on my stomach.


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