Business as usual

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I startled awake as I felt him move against me, as he tried to carefully untangle his own limbs from mine. He froze as he felt me stir, his warm brown orbs took in my wide open eyes.

"Go back to sleep love." He whispered, the sound of his voice smooth, like the surface of a rock carefully polished by cold water and the endless drone of passing time.

"Where are you going?" I stared up at the breathtaking man who now owned me. He owned my body, and I feared that he might very soon even own my soul.

He reached down, and grabbed his clothes off of the floor, and started to dress.

"I need to finish some business, so be a good girl and go back to sleep." He smiled reasuringly down at me as he pulled the crumpled white t-shirt over his head.

"But.." I tried to argue with him, he cut me off.

"Sleep. NOW!" His command startled me, made my skin crawl, made my heart pound painfully in my chest.

His eyes softened as he took in my frazzled state. He slowly made his way over to me, crawling across the bed. My face was captured inbetween the palms of his hands, his thumbs gently caressing my skin, soothing me.

"Please just go back to sleep love. I will be back before you know it, and I will take care of you. I will even draw you a nice warm bubble bath." His velvet voiced coaxed me to comply as he whispered his sweet promises. "The nice warm water will even help heal your tight little kitten too." His smooth tones became husky with lust. "And then I will make her purr for me again."

My breath caught as the carnal promise left his sensual lips. My sore tunnel pulsed as his naughty words kept ecchoing in my mind. My mind was blank, his words claimed all the space, hollowing me out.


"Sleep." He placed a tender kiss on the tip of my nose, and gently pushed me back against the matress.

I stared after him as he left the room, leaving the door slightly ajar for me, letting a thin ray of light seep through the crack, and into the darkness beyond.

I fell asleep to the sound of his velvet promise replaying itself inside my mind, a gentle ache pulsed between my legs, pain mixed with the promise of pleasure.

"Love..." I smiled as the nice sound coaxed me from my sleep. I rubbed myself against it, so warm, so nice, but slightly hard. I opened my eyes, confusion knitting my brows together as I stared into a wall of flesh. I blinked twice, my sleep ridden mind telling me that I was staring into my captors ripped abs.

My eyes widened in horror, as I realized that I had been rubbing myself up against his lower torso. I pressed the palms of my hands against his warm skin, and pushed myself away from him. My cheeks flared as I tilted my head up, and met his heated gaze. His cinnamon orbs sparkled, the corners of his mouth twisted up in amusment. I looked down, away from his taunting gaze. God! this is just too embarrassing! The white shirt he had previously worn was nowhere to be seen, but thankfully he still had his grey sweatpants on. My wide eyes fixed on the bulge in his pants. My mouth dry as I stared the monster I had awoken, stared as it greeted me. His fingers grasped my chin, and forced my head up, forced my horrified eyes to meet his dark ones.

"I cant even express how much your enthusiasm pleases me love, but I must sadly decline your advances." My eyes widened even more as his silky words slid around me. "I dont plan on being quite as.... nice... the next time I take you, so I am afraid you will have to wait untill your lovely kitten is all healed up." My jaw dropped as his words hit me. "Make no misstake love, you are mine, and I will make sure that you really feel just how much I own you the next time I submerge myself inside of you."

I just stared at him openmouthed, unsure if I should be turned on or deathly afraid of his words, of his openly declared wicked intentions.

He let out a small sigh, bent down towards me, and pressed his lips  briefly against mine.

"At least try and look like I am not about to harvest your soul, love. I promise you that you will indeed enjoy it. You will in fact beg me to take you again." He licked his lips, raw lust coating his velvet voice.

His words sent a shiver down my spine. Liquid heat pooled in the bottom of my stomach, as my breath hitched from the sweet mix of fear and anticipation that battled inside of me. I had no words to reply to his lewd promise, so I just nodded my head, well aware that I would probably end up begging him again.

"Good." His lips twisted up in a breathtaking smile, as he pulled me into his strong arms.

"Now, lets take that nice hot bath that I promised you earlier." He crawled out of bed, as I clung to him, my arms around his neck. He carried me into the bathroom, and gently placed me down, my feet flush against the cold tiled floor.

"Can you stand by yourself?" He inquired as his eyes roamed over my naked form, assessing me.

I squirmed as his eyes traveled over my body. He might have seen all of me, tasted me, but his eyes feasting on my naked flesh still unnerved me.

"Yes, I feel a lot better." I said, the truth spilling from my lips. The only weak spot was between my legs. The soft, dull ache, was a constant reminder of last nights endeavors.

He smiled, turned around, and walked over to the big white tub, which I had previously longed to try out. He opened the faucet, and started to fill the massive crater with water, dipping his hand in the clear liquid, as he tested the temprature.

I let my eyes wander around the pure white room as he readied the bath. The soothing sound of running water filled the pleasant silence resting between us. I drew a deep breath, as the lavendar scent from the bubble bath tickled my nose. It smelt so nice, so calming. I let my eyes glide over to the shower behind me. The moments I had shared with him in there had seemed so terrifying at the time, but last nights sweet lovemaking coated my memories in a warm rosefilled hue. I pressed two fingers against the smile that graced my lips, as I thought back to the time when he had pulled off his soaked white t-shirt, and caught me shamefully oogling him. A nice tingle spread in my stomach, and a warm blush heated my face at the memory. The memory of him slowly removing the wet white material from his perfectly toned torso made my heart speed up. My lips parted slightly as the pink flesh of my breasts hardened into two begging peaks. God! Even the teasing memory of him made me all hot and bothered. I licked my lips, as my eyes traveled to the hamper where I remembered seeing him dropp his soaking wet t-shirt. My fingers slipped from the skin of my faltering smile, my arm fell, numb at my side. I froze. The warm flush drained from my face, leaving me icy cold, as I stared down at the bloodsplattered, previously white, t-shirt that had been carelessly dropped down on top of the other dirty laundry. A sound to my right startled me. My mouth went dry as I turned my head towards the sound, my wide eyes left the bloody mess before me, and met his dark cinnamon orbs.

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