Seven Building Blocks

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Written by DeeJAY
Edited by Kourtnie

So if food is the first
building block, it makes sense
that life eats life, doesn't it?
This is why hoomans
and cats are omnivores

of the wicked broccoli,
the ever elusive and tasty
octopus and the heroic
chicken; but we consume

and rebuild six other
quintessential blocks, too;
just as we eat food
to make energy, we
go through

energy to make mass;
love to make connections;
time to make change;
knowledge to make order;
ideas to make art; and
creativity to make difference.

It sounds like heavy-
handed stuff, but that's why
hoomans have big brains
to store memories
in quantum leaps
of logic and pattern;

and that's why cats
have predatorily enhanced
instincts with soft spot
for protecting hoomans
from Babylonian Brotherhood,
dinorexes, and Proxima
Centauri B lizards.

I think you're ready, hooman.
This is enough astronomical
cat talk for us to head out
to see first lizard person
for yourself; off we go

to visit the neighbor
who stole garden decor
from Feline Society #337's
front yard vegetable patch.

Gregory Bowser Allman
is a punk cat born on streets
who will accompany hooman
to a kick reptilian ass.

First draft: July 18

Second draft: September 18

Word count: 210

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