Lyra's pov

Me and Louis are still waiting at the airport waiting for Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam.

At first I had my head on Louis's shoulder, then I was laying on the chairs and my head on his lap, and now I am sitting on his lap. People thought we were a couple,

I felt like throwing up because 2 reasons:

1. He's my brother


2. Ewww

"Is that Liam?" I hear Louis say breaking me from talking to myself

"What!? Where!?" I said as I jumped off Louis lap

"He's not going to be here yet until tomorrow I just wanted you to get off my lap because I have to go pee." He said

"hahaha I hate you. you made me get all excited for nothing "I said as I sat in one of the chairs and Louis left to the restroom. After like 20 seconds I felt a person tapped my shoulder.

I turned around to see Niall making a weird face in front of mine.

"Woah Niall to close" I said

"Hahah sorry " he said as he gave me a peck on the cheek

"Eww Niall cooties!" I said as I got my hand and started to whip the kiss off my cheek.

"You know you love it " Niall said

"Love what? " I hear Louis say

"My kisses " says Niall

"Ew dude did you kiss my little sister on the lips?" Louis asked

"Maybe.," Niall said with a grin as Louis's eyes got widen

"He's kidding. He kissed me on the cheek" I said as Louis sighed in relief

"So are the other guys here yet?" Niall asked


"So do you guys want to go eat?"Louis ask

"Well isn't Harry coming in about 20 minutes or so? " I ask

"Yeah but aren't you hungry?" Louis asked

"Yeah but do you think you can get it and Niall can stay with me because the last time Niall try getting me something he forgot about me and I had to go back to go get it" I said as in look at Niall with a indecent face.

"Sure so do you want subway or Taco Bell?" Louis ask


"already then I will see you in a few " Louis said

"So Niall what what's new today?"I ask

" I like you " Niall said

"Wait what???"

"I like you....wait no I love you" Niall said

"Niall..." I said but got cut off by him

"No Lyra you listen to me. I liked you since the day I met you. I can't stop thinking about you at all. I can't go to sleep without thinking about you."Niall said

"Niall before you interrupt me again I just want to say that..I don't feel the same...I'm sorry I just don't think of you that way...I think of you as a bigger brother then a boyfriend. Yeah your handsome and all it's just that...your not right for me...we both live in a different state I can't do a long-distance-realitionship. It would make me cry at night, it would make me feel useless cause your not here when I need you." "I'm not trying to hurt your feelings or anything I just think it's a bad idea for us to go out because like I said your like another older brother to me. and it would be weird if I dated my brother " I added

"I guess you're right but just remember I never would give up "He said

"But since you said your feelings towards me I hope this wont make this awkward for us" I said

"It won't I promise" He said

"Hey guys" I hear Harry say.

"Hi Harry!"I said with a smile and he smiled back

"So where's Louis" Harry asked

"He went subway " Niall said as he put an arm around me

"Ooh. Are you guys dating?"Harry ask

"Uh no we aren't" I said as Niall dropped his arm off of me

"Oh ok.."Harry said

Harry Pov.

I was walking out I the airplane and into the airport. I saw Lyra and Niall talking. no wonder what their talking about? I walk up to Lyra and Niall.

"It won't I promise" Niall said

"Hey guys "I said

"Hi Harry! " Lyra said with a smile and I smiled at her back

"So where's Louis?" I ask

"He went to subway" Niall said as he put his arm around Lyra's shoulder

"Ooh. Are you guys dating? " asked hoping they would say no

"Uh no we aren't" Lyra said as Niall's arm dropped off of Lyra's shoulder.

"Ooh ok " I said it was perfect cause I can have a chance with her.

"Hey guys I have the subway. Ooh hey Harry!!" Louis said

~ ~ ~ ~

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