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Dear Darlin’ Man,

- for that is what you are.  A man.  My man.

Presently you are needed to be a soldier my love, but soon, when it is over and you return to me, you will be needed to be a man.

To them, you are one of many.  To me, you are only you, and there is not one other in all this world who can be the you, you are to me.  Who else knows where you hate to be tickled?  Or where you love to be kissed?  Or how you want to be touched?  No-one else.  Just me.

Waiting here.

For you.

Only you.

None other.

Please carry me in your heart, and when it’s so dark and difficult, remember the soft days and the sunshine to come.  Remember that I shared myself with you.  Remember it all, the moan, the sweat, the smell, the wet.  Remember the tremble.  And the yelp.  Remember that we are alive together.  The most alive.

Above all, amongst the black mess, remember the love.  Let it fill you up.  Let it be your energy and our engine.  Let it bring you home.  I am only some of me til you are here again.  The rest of me is with you.  Take a peek.  You’ll find me there.

Warm.  Clean.  Ready.

Only you.

Only you.

God Bless You.

Your Girl.

Forever. XX


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