Sooner or Later...You Won't Resist Me (story preview: chapter 1)

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Chapter 1

I walk into this boring school, in the boring class, and sat in my boring seat. My teacher, Mr. Lane, was standing in front of the class when I walked in. "Good morning Miss Dulay. I trust you not to fall asleep in my class today?" he asked as I sat down.

"I shall not tell a lie," I truthfullly retort back in a very well practiced British accent. He looked at me a gave an amused grin and chuckled a little. Mr Lane is a hot teacher, and when I say hot, I really mean sexy. He has sandy brown hair that covers his ears, his eyes are a golden cinnamon, and his grin is breath taking.

He turned from me to greet some other student. He shook the hands of all the girls, and high fived all the guys, causing his chocolate toned arm muscles to jump at each movement. Now, before anyone gets a head of theirself, this is not one of those teacher student love stories. I just wanted to point out how hot my teacher was. So no, I have no intention of making a move on him, and no, he doesn't have a secret affair with one of his students or something. least I hope he doesn't, because his wife would be highly upset. "Isyss!!" (pronounced ice-sis), I hear my bestfriend, Courtney, yell excitedly from across the room, after shaking the teachers hand. She's been my friend since I can remember, she lives right next door to me, so we see each other as much as we want. Yes, my name is Isyss Dulay (pronounced do-lay). I curse my parents every time I think of them naming me that.

They must've been either really high or really drunk, because Isyss sounds like a stripper's name. Everytime I hear someone call out to me, I get the urge to start taking off my clothes and receiving dollars...strange right?

I'm average size, caramel skinned, long length wavy black hair, dark brown eyes, have more back than front, and about 5'1'' in height. Yes, I'm a shorty, and loving every minute of it. "OMG," -yeah, Courtney's one of those girls- "guess who just smiled at me?!" she asked excitedly. By this time, she's sitting in her seat next to me, clapping her hands with a goofy grin on her face.

Her jet black hair bouncing up and down against her perfectly tanned skin. I laugh at her excitement because I know who she's talking about. "Brent Daniels!"

She shrieks at me. Brent Daniels is a guy that she's liked since we were in middle school, but she's never had the courage to talk to him. I keep telling her that I will for her, but she's even more scared for me to talk to him...if that makes sense? I don't know what's wrong with this chick...I guess that's why we work so well together.

She's like the boy shy virgin, and I'm the school slut trying my best to get her laid; which is just an example people. She's not a virgin, and I'm not the school slut, that's Lauren's position; and she'll literally do any and every position.

I heard she did a spread eagle with Cory, Courtney's twin brother. He's an unpaid man-whore that's always looking for a new screw...haha, I made a funny. "Courtney!" I hear a sexual, yet irritating voice shout from the across the room. Ugh, why did I have to talk him up?

In comes Cory, heading towards his sister like he owns the place. The girls are gawking at him while the guys are throwing 'what's up' head nods. He too has jet black hair, but his is short, not even touching in face. He, just like his sister, has their white skin perfectly tanned, which goes excellent with their dark hair.

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