11.The Truth

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Camila's POV
"Alright guys me and Y/N are gonna go upstairs, and find her a new shirt cause this one's ripped!" I quickly ripped the shirt a tiny bit.I looked at Y/N and she had her mouth wide open " sorry babe I'll get you a new shirt!" I quickly whispered.I couldn't wait anymore for this, all those red bulls I drank really gave me too much energy.

I was so ready for this I can't hold back anymore, I mean I am a virgin but I'm ready to lose it to Y/N cause I know she's the one. Everything about her drives me crazy I just wanna have my body on top of her I like it when she's the dominant one cause it's a turn on.

Me and Camila ran upstairs hand in hand to her bedroom, as soon as we got into her room she slammed the door shut pushing me against it." I'm been waiting too long baby I can't keep my hands of you!" She connected our lips together in a passionate kiss, I pulled back and looked into her eyes,they were full of lust.She pulled me closer to her again and connected our lips she slowly moved back pulling me with her until we landed on her bed.

She slowly straddled me, and attached our lips together she started to play with the wasteband of my shorts. Then I felt a little tense, i need to stop this I know I'm not ready for this, as much as I wanna make love to her I'd rather not use the term "Fuck her" I'd rather use make love seems more majestic."Wait wait Camila, I don't think I'm ready for this!" I whispered. She backed away slowly looking in my eyes, "What do you mean, are you okay?" She asked as i shifted uncomfortably and gave her a scared expression, we got up and we sat on the edge of the bed looking at eachother. " You can tell me anything Y/N, you know that", she exclaimed. I looked at her and sighed come on Y/N it's now or never, you can trust her, she deserves to know. "Well when I was young, my dad really disliked me cause I didn't agree with him about gay people, he used to come home drunk every night and hit me, I started tearing up heavily and Camila took my hands into hers and started rubbing her thumbs over my knuckles, one time he t-tried t-to r-rape me and luckily my mom managed to save me, she was so scared of dad, and we hid in a room, until the cops turned up.I'm sorry I don't wanna talk about this anymore!" I broke down in Camila arms, while she rubbed my back soothingly " It's okay baby,i'm right here, I'm so sorry!" She whispered."It's okay, I'm such an idiot, I should've tried fighting him back and try get away with mom,instead I stood there like an idiot!" I shouted.

Camila pulled away and looked at me straight in the eyes, her hands were around my waist and she pulled me closer.

"No Y/N, you're not an idiot, you're a beautiful, kind woman and I love you so much.Honestly Y/N it's not your fault at all and you're strong, you're my strong girl, and if you think that you're the one to blame in that situation you're wrong, you couldn't do anything and your father is an absolute dickhead to think he can lay a single finger on you inappropriately.I love you Y/N and you know that, I'm not gonna force you to do something that you're not comfortable with, I'll wait for you baby". She looked at me with love,love and care, I was looking her in the eye the whole time, I put my arms on her shoulders "I love you Camila" I pulled her into a passionate kiss,when we pulled away we shared one last peck.

Camila handed me one of her hoodies,as we headed downstairs hand in hand we saw the rest of the guys sitting on the sofa,some taking selfies, some watching T.V, and some on their phones."Well well well look who's back!" We heard Dinah say,smirking. "You guys doing the dirty?" I looked at Camila wide eyed and Camila started blushing like crazy."No no no were not ready for that!" Y/N said quickly.

Shawn's POV
Ha Y/N not ready for it? Such a weakling, there's nothing better than a big strong man who's ready for whatever his girl wants.

Dinah's POV
"Hey Y/N I need you over her for a sec!" I shouted/whispered at Y/N while Mila went to get a drink. "Shawn is still topless, and he's peaking at Mila's ass!" She glared at Shawn and saw him follow Mila into the kitchen " I'll be back Dinah!" She whispered to me.

"Hey Shawn can I speak to you for a bit please, alone, and put a shirt on!" I quickly stated.We walked outside her hallway till we turned a corner, I grabbed Shawn by the collar and pushed him against the wall I let my eyes pierce through his "Alright Shawn what the fuck do you want, I see the way you look at Camila, she's mine, do you understand?She's mine!" I slammed him against the wall again as he groaned in pain.Just as he was about to say something Camila walked in and I was quick enough to let go "Babe what are you guys talking about?" She asked.I looked at Shawn then her, " Oh I was just asking if he goes gym, and about something I'm planning!" I turned nervous very quickly."Urrmm okay?" She stated."Well your mom called so you know you've fucked up!" She chuckled, I looked at her and smiled before heading back to the living room with her.Before we walked in it turned to look at Shawn, I'm watching you! I did the sign language looking at him dead in the eye as he shifted uncomfortably.

Shawn's POV
Who the fuck does Y/N think she is, she can't do that shit I'll knock her out, I don't care that she's a girl.
I'll snap her in half, and steal her girl, I don't give a fuck.

Sorry this is so short guys but I will be updating regularly cause it's my holiday.

Some shit will go down!!!

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