Broken Boy

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Copyright, 2018. weirdodrey.

Everything — characters, places, events, incidents— I mention in this story is fictional. This story is a work of fiction. If there's something I wrote here that somehow connects in real life — dead or alive — is purely coincidental. Everything I write here is a figment of my imagination.

Do NOT copy this story. Even though this story sucks, please, do not copy it. I worked hard for the idea of this story and please respect it.

If you try to copy this story, I swear that I will hunt you and sue you and you will rot in jail. Not kidding. Well, kind of but you know the idea. Yes you can go to jail if you copied this story. Don't stoop that low people. Be original. You are your own self. Make your own ideas.

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Status: Completed
Started: July 2018
Finished: July 16, 2018

– B R O K E N  B O Y –

" Not all angels have wings, and not all knights wear a shining armor. "


Involves minor swearing and triggering scenes. Read at your own risk.


All Rights Reserved.

Copyright, 2018. weirdodrey.

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