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Good news! As of August 17, 2015, paperback copies of [sic] are now available from Amazon.com. Please note that this is the new, updated "Eureka Edition" of [sic] which isn't available on Wattpad. I hope you decide to support this author by buying a copy. Thank you!

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Want more? I just finished a new novel called "Keep the Ghost." If you enjoyed [sic], I can pretty well guarantee you will love Keep the Ghost. Here's the teaser:

Kayla is about to fake her own death. The teenager has met a couple of strangers that claim to be experts on pseudocide, and they've told her what to do. And poor Sean Reilly, the exchange student living in her house, has stumbled on the plan. When Kayla begs, Sean gets roped in. I mean, only with little things, nothing too serious: lie about when he last saw her, and hide a few facts from the police. 

Except, things fall apart in a hurry. When Kayla vanishes, the police suspect Sean of being more than a concerned friend. As evidence mounts, detectives zero in - there's no way out for Sean. They're arresting him for Kayla's murder. 

His one chance at freedom is to follow in Kayla's footsteps and reach out to the enigmatic strangers who make a life out of pretending to be dead. They call it enlightenment, but Sean calls it crazy. At least they have a plan, even if the first step is to kill himself. Will Sean have the strength to take the plunge? And if he does, who will come out the other side?

You can either search for "Scott Kelly Keep the Ghost" at Amazon.com, or visit www.ScottKellyWritesBooks.com for more information.

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