Chapter 8

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A/N Sorry I haven't been updating. I've been very busy with summer sports ,and I don't get enough sleep to update. So, here is this chapter that's going to be an Thomas POV. I hope you'll enjoy it!

  Thomas POV
It's been 3 days since that weird car ride to the forest. Nothing happened at school. Scott told me about this guy named Theo Walcott and said that he knew both of us. I don't obviously remember ,but I don't trust the guy. Something stings me every time I see or hear about him. Maybe I'm wrong.

I am at home with Newt seating on my bed. Newt absent been feeling okay all day.

"Hey, you okay?" I said.
"Yeah, just have a feeling something bad is going to happen. I can't put a finger on it." He said as he started to daze off. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. I walked slowly to it. I looked at Newt and he has a confused look.

"Did you invite anyone?"
I shook my head no and turned back around. I opened the door to find Theo.
" Hi." Theo said with a smirk. He then grabbed on to me and pushed us the the floor. I started to yell at Newt to get the gun while I was hitting Theo. Theo had me in a neck lock with super- nom- human strength. Newt hit him with a bat before I could black out. I started to cough.

Newt helped me up. We started to look for Theo. He's gone.
"Where did the bloody hell he go?"
"I don't know." I started to look again, this time around the house. I saw a glimpse of Theo jump into a car and left. I started at Newt. I noticed something on his neck. I looked closer. It was like someone injected him with something medium size.

"Can you check me?" Newt started to look on my neck. His eyes narrowing as he focused.
"You got one too." He said. Before I could say anything, someone I thought was dead came walking through the front door.

"Jenson." I said before everything went black.

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