Chapter Eleven - Drifting Friendships

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Stepping into the elevator she watches as the doors close, and she continues to stare at the doors as they take her below. Commander Freewond had told her everyone would be together for dinner in the refectory center, and that was where she would find her friends.

She certainly didn't want to stay here, especially after they told her Earth could not even be her birthplace. She had been here four days, awake for maybe an hour, and they already know things about her she didn't even know.

She couldn't believe their possibility of her not being from Earth. There was no way they could prove she was from Kuilara anyways, because of the Revive's control over the planet. The sample soil they would need to test with her blood would indicate if she found her true birthplace there. Technically they couldn't even test if she's from Earth, due to the Revive casting the planet into a destructive environment.

It didn't matter, she knew where she's from. The chances of her being from Kuilara were impossible. The Revive had murdered everyone on that planet.

She had read of the horrors of that day in secondary academy. Of the world's ground splitting into hundreds of pieces, mountains blown to rocks scattering like meteoroids. It was a beautiful water base planet. After the Revive had drained it of it's waters, they had caused the planet to go into a self-destructive mode, the climate shifting, unable to cope from the loss of it's worlds main supplier.

Though she didn't want to stay here she was going to have too. They have taken her friends in, and cured her. She felt as if she owed them a chance.

A rush of adrenaline hit her bloodstream. Did her friends know of her ability? Commander Freewond and Miah were intrigued by her, she was sure they asked her friends of her ability. Dread and disquiet was all that remains of her. Facing her friends will be arduous.

There was a screen to the right of the elevator giving updates on the Strife. A lady discusses updates on the spaceships they were building at the Strife center on Ploconia when the elevator doors opened forcing her to get out.

She followed the chatter, the noise of the voices becoming louder as she walked down the hall. To her left, further down lies the refectory center. Tables were shaped in a circle with booth seats rounding the table. Food was being served in the center of the room.

She first noticed Nyles. He always drew in a crowd, mostly from his lavish, ridiculous stories he had about Earth. It seemed many were captivated by it.

She looked around the food being served. There were so many choices to eat; from meats of ham, turkey, steak to vegetables of green beans, corn, and carrots to potatoes and pastas, yet none of it seemed appealing. She's the least bit hungry. She had lost her appetite from her meeting with Miah and Commander Bryant, and now the soon confrontation with her friends.

"You're awake," a voice said behind her. Theo. She almost didn't recognize him. His hair's tamed. He had on almost the exact clothing Xavier wore earlier but he had no traces of wearing eyes. He looked refreshed, even renewed. He smiled this time when he said her name. She did not.

Her heart hurt that Theo wasn't the one to see her when she woke. It stung to know he didn't care for her health as much as she thought he had. She had thought he would be the one out of everyone to be outside that door, nervously pacing, waiting for her to wake. It had been Xavier who cared for her. Though she didn't like the help, she admired Xavier for taking in his hands, the fate of her life.

She had done that for Theo when he took those lashes. She was there by his bedside.

He wasn't there for hers.

He saw the hurt in her eyes and his smile faded.

He didn't know about her ability. She realized this now. None of them knew. If Theo did, he would have been there, watching her awake, telling her how selfish it was of her to keep that kind of secret from him. It was selfish in a way. She's going to have to tell him. Just not today.

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