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I sat quietly in my quaint little room the remainder of the day trying to wrap my head around the situation at hand

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I sat quietly in my quaint little room the remainder of the day trying to wrap my head around the situation at hand. How in the hell did some scrub like me end up face to face with the Avengers, aka America's Top Models?

"Is little miss independent still alive and kicking?" Clint inquired abruptly tearing the veil of silence in two, causing my eyes to narrow towards the door and my body to flinch at the minor action.

"Not even as much as a knock? What if were stark ass naked? What if-" I mouthed off in a sarcastic tone clutching my shakily falling and rising chest.

"Ok, ok, don't go getting your panties in a knot." Clint interrupted palming his forehead, clearly annoyed. "Anyways, back on topic, is your shot up ass recovered enough to get out of bed?" He added gesturing towards me.

"I believe so-" I started.

"Are you sure?" Cling abruptly interrupted as I viscously rolled my eyes at his question.

"I know you're an assassin and all but I'm a nurse, and a pretty bomb ass one. So yes, I'm sure." I curtly replied with a flat expression crossing my arms against my chest.

"Well alright little miss bomb ass nurse, put these on and meet me outside." He chuckled laying a pair of clothes onto my bed. Damn, she reminds me of Tony. I swear, I can't escape him.

Before getting dressed I took a quick rinse and applied fresh bandages to my healing wounds. The clothes resembled none other than a classic shield uniform. The uniform was nearly skin tight which felt semi uncomfortable on my bandaged torso, nevertheless, I decided to just go with it; I'd prefer not to be seen in some raggedy hospital gown ever again. Glancing into the mirror I ran my hand down the slick material, admiring how well the dark grey suit hugged my curvy body, looks like the gym surely paid off.

"You ready? We-" Clint started but stopped mid-sentence at the sight of me exiting the room.

"Didn't know shield had their staff dressing like hookers." I sarcastically laughed zipping up the last boot, feeling his gaze locked onto my hustling figure.

"I mean- uhm- Whatever, just follow me." Clint stuttered as both he and I walked down the familiar halls. I felt somewhat badass in this attire, unfortunately the once confident feeling was soon replaced with embarrassment; due to the boots making an annoying clicking sound with every step, which conveniently echoed through the long halls. At least the sound filled the noticeable void of conversation. In addition to feeling like the elephant in the room, my emotions now went haywire as the embarrassment soon turned into uneasiness as the many guards on staff cooed at my appearance. "You alright?" Clint asked as I merely stared at the floor replying with a weak nod.

"Mhm." I solemnly mumbled trying to ignore the bothersome oafs.

"Well, shit!" Natasha exclaimed under her breath as I walked in, roughly nudging Steve's shoulder as his eyes flickered towards the entrance.

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