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It was my birthday,and we didn't get to do much,but my mom looked at my report card,and I got As and Bs so she got me a surprise.

Mom: ok. Open your eyes!

I opened them. Can it be?! The real hypno to from Captain Underpants!

Me: omg! Omg! Omg!

I hug her tightly in my embrace,and she returned it.

Me: thank you so much! I love you!

Mom:you are so welcome,honey! Now go try it on!

And I did what I was told. I put it on my ring finger. It fits perfectly, I loved it. One the best things I ever got. Of course my sister send me the whole collection of the Captain underpants books, that's good too. But this one,is better.

I went to my room,and the first book. I Know it sounds silly,but I put my book down, where the cover is facing me, I show the hypno ring to the book and say" I wish... I could be in the Captain Underpants universe"...

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