Helpless ep 2 //break up//

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\\i woke up feeling a shift next to me, and something heavy in my arms. I look at my right and she Y/N sleeping peacefully \\
Jimin:*wow she is cute,hehe. This feels nice*
\\jimin didn't realize what he said, he was looking at you. Memorizing every feature you have, mostly, your lips. He traces them with his thumb and remembers how close you guys were \\
Jimin:*why am I feeling like this, I never felt like this with another girl before*



//Jimin sees that you are about to wake up. He closes his eyes pretending to be asleep//

Y/N:, I'm hungry...//you suddenly remember something// SHIT, NAMJOON
//you grab your phone and see that you have a lot of missed messages and calls from him//
Y/N: shit, shit, I'm late
//you put on your shoes and run to the nearest bus stop. You get of in a bus stop near your house and quickly get in, change, and dash your way to college//
Y/N: ouhhh, I'm in so much trouble
//once you get there you dash to your class, luckily, the teacher hasn't gotten there yet so sit next to your cousin//
Y/N: hey bam bam
Bam bam: hey cus, why so late?
Y/N: long story

Jimin's father: how was your date
Jimin: how do you think?
Jimin's father: well since you said "what do I think" I think it went well, and you asked her out
Jimin: sure, let's go with that
Y/F/N: morning
Jimin, his father: morning mr. Jih
Y/F/N: jimin, thank you for taking care of my little girl
Jimin: no problem uncle
Y/F/N: I hope you guys get along and have a beautiful marriage, and remember...I want grand kids
Jimin:(awkward laugh) ok ok, let's get this meeting started shall we?

//namjoon has texted you to meet him in the nearest park. You walk there hoping that he has a cute present for you. You find him next to a tree//
Y/N: hi baby
//you kiss him, but he doesn't kiss back//
Y/N: namjoon? Are you ok?
Namjoon: I don't want to see you any more
Y/N: ...what...namjoon is-
Namjoon: I want to break up with you
Y/N: no, namjoon, I'm sure we can talk it out...
//little did you know...some one was watching//
Namjoon: no, just leave, I-I have found some one better
//you both have Teary eyes, threatening to let out thick tears//
Y/N: nam-
Namjoon: good bye
//he leaves, you star crying. You seat in the bench, when some one approached you//
???: Y/ ok?
Y/N:! Jimin, this is all your fault!
Jimin: me?-
jimin: he must have seen pics of us
Y/N: thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH
//you leave crying//
Jimin: no, wait!
//you get home, you pass your living room where your father and your mom are//
Y/F/N: Y/N you ok?
Y/N: no, namjoon broke up with me(cries in his embrace)
Y/F:N: who is namjoon?
Y/M/N: her boyfriend, well, I should say, exboyfriend
Y/F/N: I'm sorry honey
Y/M/N:(in her mind)*its all going according to plan*
5 hours later dinner time
Maid: miss. Y/N, some one came to visit you
Y/N: tell that person to go away
//your maid goes away, after a few minutes, she comes back//
Maid: the person will not leave until you see him
Y/N:*him?*( she though ) ok let him in
//your maid bows and leaves, after a minute,  some one knocks//
Y/N: come in(you say weakly)
???: hey, how are you doing?
Y/N: ugh, you again, what do you want?
???: I came to take you out, not as a date but as like...a hang?
Y/N: no thank you
???: come on
Y/N: I said no, jimin
Jimin: ok I guess I'll have to drag you
Y/N: good luck
//he walks to your closet//
Y/N: hey! Get out of there!
//you stand up and walk to him blocking the way//
Jimin: move, I'm taking your out
Y/N: no
//he picks you up from your waist, and carries you and places you done on your bed hovering over you//
Jimin: look, I am not leaving you like a sad mop, ok?
Y/N: no
Jimin: if you keep saying no, I'll kiss you, now...are you going to say no?
Y/N: yes
Jimin: you saying yes to my "no" is like you saying "no". And I guess I'll have to kiss you now
Y/N:ok ok, ill go out with you
Jimin: great(cocky smile)
//he goes to your closet and chooses an outfit. He chooses a white top that shows your shoulders, with a red skirt, and short black boots//
Jimin: wear this, I'll be down stairs waiting for you
//he leaves //
Y/N: ugh(bed flop)
//after an hour you walk down the stairs to find him in the living room//
Jimin: finally, what took you-
//his mouth drops, as he's surprised as how beautiful you are//
Y/N: Jimin? You ok?
//as you walk closer, he starts smiling//
Jimin: you look beautiful
Y/N: oh, um...thank you(smile)

\\as she smile her cheeks went pink. She looks really cute, blushing at my words\\
Jimin: you ready?
Y/N: um yes..I'm ready
Jimin:*i extend my hand to her, she kinda hesitated but she took it...I'm glad she did. She put her hand in well*

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