35. The Beach part 2: Surfing and Singing

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~~~Tim's point of view~~~
Y/n went the first two times and rode out both waves like a pro, before handing Damian the surfboard. How could she surf? She doesn't even go swimming. I sat on my board, past where the waves would break, and looked over at Y/n who was standing in the water which was up slightly past her knees. She was hiding her scars with the water so no one, including her, could see them. It worked. I couldn't see the scars, but it also made the rest of her look perfect. Y/n was already beautiful, not that I liked her like that, she was like a little sister to me, so without any visible flaws boys who didn't know he would try to hit on her, which was exactly what was happening.
While Y/n was standing in the water, two teenage boys were walking by. One had dark brown hair and had his shirt off and the other had light blond hair with highlights at the top and was wearing a shirt; they appeared to be around the same age as Damian and Y/n. They saw Y/n and began to walk over. They waded into the water and the brunette tapped her on the shoulder.

~~~Your point of view~~~
Someone tapped on your shoulder and you turned around, facing a shirtless, brown-haired boy. "Can I help you?" You asked.
"Yeah I seem to have lost my phone number, can I have yours?" The brunette smiled at you.
'Is he trying to flirt with me?' "I'm sorry, do I know you?" You asked him.
"I'm Luke," the brown-haired boy said before pointing at his blonde friend, "and this is Michael."
"Well it's nice to meet you Luke, Michael," you smiled, beginning to feel uncomfortable.
"Believe me the pleasure's all mine," Luke bowed trying to kiss your hand.
Before his lips made contact you pulled your hand away. "I have a boyfriend," you explained.
"Awe, c'mon babe don't be like that," Luck tried to put his arm around your shoulder.
"Dude, leave her alone, she's not interested," Michael sighed, watching his friend's attempt to flirt with you. Michael crossed his arms and walked away.
"Fine whatever. So are you busy later?" Luke continued flirting.
"Yes, please leave me alone." You were completely uninterested and quite uncomfortable. He was nowhere near as cute or strong as Damian.
"If you like I could accompany you," Luke grinned reaching to touch your cheek.
"Please don't touch me," you pushed him away.

~~~Tim's point of view~~~
Y/n looked uncomfortable and had tried to stop the brown-haired teen, but he appeared to be very persistent. I looked at Damian who was glaring at the boy as Dick and Jason held him back. Next thing I know Damian and Dick were staring in shock at something and Jason was just grinning smugly. I look back at Y/n and see her flipping the boy into the water. He splashed around before surfacing for air and running out of the water. Y/n just turned around and dived into the water, swimming out towards us. She climbed onto one end of my board. I stared at her.
"Hey, I told him to leave me alone," she shrugged.
"Yeah I agree that he was bothering you," I honestly had no idea on what to say. The guy had obviously bothered all of us.
"Angel," Damian paddled over to us on his board and hugged Y/n protectively, "are you alright?"
"I'm fine, Dami," she smiled hugging him back. We all caught a few more waves before heading back to land. We returned the boards as the sun began to set. I helped Dick make a small campfire on the beach, close to our stuff. Other people staying for the evening lit up fires as well. Y/n had slipped back into her dress and was sitting on a towel in front of the fire with Damian next to her. Y/n was writing something down in a notebook, occasionally strumming a few chords on her guitar and Damian was sketching in his sketchbook. I managed to secretly steal a peek at another picture of Y/n. Yes, another, I knew about the little Demon's wall covered in sketches of Y/n. After the sun had set completely they put away their books, but Y/n kept out her guitar and was strumming random chords.
"What are you working on?" Dick asked Y/n.
"I'm working on my own song," she shrugged like it was nothing l.
"That's so cool," Dick gasped.
"Are you going to publish it?" I asked.
"Maybe, I'd have to find a music publisher," she smiled.
"What about you Little D," Dick asked.
Damian blushed slightly, "Just another sketch."
"What did you draw?" Jason asked.
"That's none—," Damian started before I cut him off.
"It's another drawing of Y/n," I smirked at him.
"Another?" Y/n asked, confused.
"Is this one going on the wall as well?" Dick asked, trying not to laugh at how Y/n didn't know that her boyfriend had a wall full of drawings of her.
"You have a wall full of drawings of me?" Y/n asked, turning to look at Damian.
"Thanks a lot, Drake," Damian scowled at me.
"Awe, don't be mad at him. I'm glad I found out because I think it's really sweet." Y/n smiled and kissed him on the cheek, making Damian blush more.
"Awe you guys are so cute together, you better not hurt her Demon Spawn," Jason threatened.
"I would never Todd," Damian held Y/n's hand.
"Alright, who wants campfire songs?" Dick asked.
"Sounds fun," I shrugged. Damian nodded and Y/n pulled up her guitar, ready to play.
"Great!" Dick smiled excitedly. Y/n began to play and we all sang along to the songs she played.

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