34. The Beach part 1

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~~~Your point of view~~~
A week had passed and today was the day you would be going with Damian and his brothers to the beach. You woke up at 5:00 AM as usual and as you say in your bay window you decided you would swim this time. When it was 6:45 you got ready and put on the bathing suit that Barbara had bought you and put on a long dress over it. Change things up right? You slipped on some sandals and packed a beach bag with sunscreen, extra clothes, a hairbrush, a towel, wallet, earbuds, and a lyric book to write your own songs.

 Change things up right? You slipped on some sandals and packed a beach bag with sunscreen, extra clothes, a hairbrush, a towel, wallet, earbuds, and a lyric book to write your own songs

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Since you would be at the beach all day and part of the evening you decided to bring your acoustic guitar. You grabbed your beach bag and guitar case and headed downstairs at 7:37 AM. You put your stuff with the things that Damian and his brothers were bringing. You were helping Dick who was grabbing food from the fridge and pantry. You made sandwiches, mixed salads, packed several bags with snacks, put drinks in water bottles, and put fresh fruit in the picnic basket. After preparing the food, you cleaned the kitchen and placed the basket with the other bags. You helped Dick load everything into the trunk of the car and sat in the living room with your phone, waiting for his brothers. Jason and Tim came downstairs with their bags and put them in the car. Damian was the last to come down. He walked up to you and stared at you.
"Something wrong?" You asked with a smile.
"Y-You're wearing a dress and a s-swimsuit," he stuttered and blushed.
"Yeah," you laughed slightly.
"Does that mean you're swimming?" He smiled.
"Yup," you laughed, looking at Dick and Jason. "Who won the bet?"
"I did," Dick cheered as Jason grumbled and handed him some money.
"Let's go," Tim smiled.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
Y/n looked great in a casual dress. Up until now, I had never seen her wear a dress, except for the charity gala.

~~~Time skip to the beach~~~
~~~Damian's point of view~~~
We finally arrived at the beach. During the ride, Y/n and I sat next to each other and played music on our phones. We sat in the very back of the car and chatted quietly. Drake fell asleep in the chair in front of Y/n and his neck was in a strange position. Y/n took her towel, making it into a pillow, and placed it behind his head. She carefully adjusted his sleeping position without waking him up then went back to her conversation with me. Eventually, she fell asleep on my shoulder and I played with her hair as she slept.
When we finally arrived, I helped take out all our stuff and carry it to a spot on the beach. Grayson set up a chair for Y/n to sit in and laid out a picnic blanket. Y/n opened up an umbrella and stuck it in the sand, creating shade over the chair and blanket.
Grayson and Todd took off their shirts and headed towards the water to go swimming. I pulled off my normal t-shirt and put on a swim shirt. Y/n was blushing slightly. "Like what you see?" I smirked. Y/n blushed darker. Tim grabbed a book from his bag and sat down on the chair.
"You staying here Tim?" Y/n asked.
"Yeah, I might swim later," Drake shrugged.
"Okay," she smiled, reaching to take off the dress covering her swimsuit.
"You don't have to," I told her.
"It's fine," she sighed. Y/n pulled off her dress, leaving her in a black one-piece swimsuit with cutouts on her back. I blushed and turned away to try and hide it. "Like what you see?" Y/n joked and laughed walking towards the water. I followed her, catching up to hold her hand. I looked at her bare legs. They were covered in scars, but they didn't change the way I saw Y/n.
"You're beautiful, Beloved," I smiled, pulling Y/n closer, wanting to see how she would respond to the other nickname. Without any shoes on she was at least 5 inches shorter than me, so I had to lean over to place a kiss on her cheek.
"And you're extremely handsome, my Love," she giggled, standing on her toes to kiss my cheek. I had another nickname, 'My Love,' and I loved it.
"Hey lovebirds, you coming in or what?" Jason shouted at us.
"Coming," Y/n laughed, running into the waves, almost forgetting about her scars. I smiled and followed her into the ocean.

~~~Your point of view~~~
After a little while, Tim joined you in the water. You quickly dived before he could see you and grabbed his ankle. He jumped from surprise and fell backward into the water, splashing Dick. Soon there was a full on water fight. You laughed as you pulled your wet hair out of your face.
Around noon you all went on shore for lunch, eating some of the sandwiches, salad, and snacks you had made with the food Dick had taken out of the food and pantry. "This is really good, Y/n," Jason grinned, grabbing another sandwich.
"Thanks, but Dick helped," you smiled at him, giving Dick some of the credit.
"What? No, I didn't, I just took a bunch of food out of the fridge and pantry. You made all the food." Dick denied helping.
"Well, I wouldn't have been able to make this if you hadn't done that," you giggled, handing Tim a bottled drink you had brought for him.
"What's this?" He asked taking the thermos.
"By the wise yet annoying words of Cinnabon, 'Just drink it Drake'," you laughed with Jason and Dick as Tim took a small sip.

~~~Tim's point of view~~~
It was iced coffee with a caramel flavor. "It's coffee," I commented, happy with the memory of Y/n's quote.
"Mhm," Y/n hummed as she poked Damian's cheek and held his hand.
We finished eating and hung out in the sun, before going back in the water. Y/n and Dick made a sandcastle and Damian and Jason watched as I read my book. Around 2:30 PM Jason asked, "Does anyone want to go surfing?"
"Yeah," Dick agreed.
"Sure, why not?" Y/n shrugged.
"You know how to surf?" I asked, slightly surprised by her unknown ability. Y/n just giggled a little.
"What about you Demon Spawn?" Jason turned to Damian.
"I'll go if Y/n is," he responded, holding his girlfriend's hand.
"Okay c'mon Tim the whole family can surf," Jason told me. I put down my book and followed my brothers and Y/n to the surfboard rental. We grabbed our boards, Y/n and Damian would share and take turns going out.

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