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Brooklyn's POV:
I'm now officially heartbroken. I am not going to do it but I have too as Blair told me too. Apparently it's for the best but to me I think it's not. All the lads are going to support me through this when it happens and when it does I'm done. Me and Y/N have been dating for around one year now and Blair has told me I have to break up with her for reasons. I'm not letting him do this to me and I can't let Y/N go. "You know the answer and it's a no." I said to the other boys. "I don't care what Blair says because I'm not doing it." I carried on. I don't understand why.

Me and the lads are going on a 3 month tour around America and then when I come back, I will go home to visit the family for a month, then after that I'll be back up with the band and it will all start over again with the tours and stuff. I think this is the worst time for us to break up as it's the start of tour and she needs me. I know she is going to handle this badly and I can't see her like that and I know she will be effected badly too. I really hate the idea of this.

Y/N is coming around later so I have to tell her then. Blair said if I don't tell her then, then he'll tell her himself, which is not what I want to happen. "Brook. Promise me it'll be fine after a few days." Jack said. "Will it though? I know it won't be." I told him. Jack nodded his head and I sat there and I started thinking of the best way to deliver the news to her. "We'll help you through it everyday and when you need it." Rye said. I sighed. We are leaving for tour tomorrow so that's probably why Blair wants me to do it so early. The door opened and in came Y/N with her smiley face. My nerves kicked in and I have a feeling this won't end well.

I got off my bed and gave her a big hug as this was probably the last one we'll have as a couple. All the lads had sorry looks on their faces when she walked into the room. "Is everything alright?" Y/N asked them. "Yeah. We guess." They all said. I could tell she knew what was going to happen.

Your POV:
When I hugged Brooklyn all the others had sorry looks on their faces. I know they're leaving for tour tomorrow which is sad because I'm going to miss them all so much and not seeing Brooklyn for 3 months is going to hurt me the most. Brooklyn also looked sad. I'm guessing it's because of tour. "Brook. Whats up you seem down?" I questioned and he shrugged his shoulders. "You can tell me anything." I said softly which made him look up at me. Brooklyn took my hand and led me to an empty room in the flat. We both walked in and sat there in silence for a while until he began to speak up. "I don't want to do this." He mumbled and I was so confused.

Brooklyn's POV:
I'm not going to do it and that was the final answer. "Y/N...I have to say something and I'm hating myself for it." I told her. She looked at me with concern in her eyes and I hate seeing her like this. "I leave for tour tomorrow and I won't see you for 4 months as one of them I'm with my family. Blair has told me to do something as it's for the best and so does the others but I don't want this to happen. I really don't and it hurts me to know I've got to do this." I explained. "Brooklyn, what is it? You're scaring me." She asked getting worried and looking like she wanted to cry. "I... I have to break up with you." I stuttered and letting tears slip from my eyes. She looked hurt and thats not what I wanted. "Oh." Is a what she said and she looked like she was about to cry. I stood up and headed out the room. Blair was in the flat as he was going over a few things.

I walked out of the room and Y/N followed behind me. I turned to Blair and spoke up. "I can't do this and I'm not going to as I'm not breaking up with her. She is my world and I can't loose her. I love Y/N so much. It hurts I can't do it." I said to him. Blair sighed and gave it. "Fine but next time something like this happens you're doing it now matter what." He told me. I smiled and turned to face Y/N. We both had tears in our eyes and I kissed her passionately. I'm so in love with her.

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