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A/N hiii petals~ it's far3ia
jussss wanna say go read Vanessa's story!! X_YourMother_X a story about elemental powers and romance uwu~

panisha actually wrote her own 'point of view' !! Such a talented baby~ It's so soft sksks.

This book will get deeper , the real drama starts in a few chapters ;)

//Panisha's POV//

I wandered around a bit cluelessly as I got couldn't find my room.

I really hope I get a good roommate, maybe even a cute one.... His name is Jungkook. Sounds ok I guess.

I ask a teacher where my room is and he takes me there.
I thank him then use my key to open the door.

I peer inside and see I guy sitting on the bed.
I talk to catch his attention as I want to introduce myself to my new roommate.

He looks up with a shy smile.


He's kinda cute.

I ask him is he is jungkook and he replies with a small nod.

I feel kind of nervous because I'm not really the best at giving people the best first impression of myself.

I put my bag down and sit on one of the chairs. I get my phone out and start scrolling on my social media.

I'm not very good at socialising with new people so I'm trying to avoid anything awkward or stupid from happening;
and to be honest, Jungkook doesn't look like he's the most confident either.

How cute.

"Um, Panisha."
he quietly spoke

"Yes ?" I look um from my phone and see that he's sweating quite a lot. Poor guy must be quite nervous.

"U-um I just wanted to say I'm really glad that you're my roommate. And y-yeah." He flashes a smile at me showing his bunny-like teeth.

Man this is the most precious shit I've seen in a while. Apart from puppies because they are adorableee.

"Aw thank you Jungkook. I'm glad that you're glad that...um...I'm you're roommate ? I'm sorry. I'm really not good at talking to new people."

I laugh nervously as I feel his stare piercing through me.

"It's fine. I find it kinda cute."
he smiled

I feel a blush creeping up onto my face. I guess he's not as shy as I thought he was.

"U-um. Thank you ?"
I stammered

He laughs and comes and sits next to me. I scoot over a little because I don't really know him yet...who knows what the fuck he's up to.

"Why are you moving over ?" He says, a little surprised.

"I'm sorry. It's just I don't really know you yet and.....I don't gain people's trust very quickly." I admitted causally

"I guess I'm gonna have to work hard for your trust then." he smiles

"I guess."
I shrugged.

//Serena POV//

I was sitting on the floor

the cold hard floor.

BECAUSE SOMEONE thinks he has the RIGHT TO PUSH ME OFF and claim the place LIKES HE OWNS IT

last time I checked we were SHARING !
Hasn't he ever watched the Care Bears ?!
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