Part 18

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I got ready I did my makeup then I still had an hour since my makeup took so long time. I went to my closet and Baxter followed me in. He started barking at a dress Rise got me for my present. I took it out and saw that it was super pretty so I decided to wear it. I took on my dress and walked down to Rose I still had 45 minutes. 《Hi Rose can you do my hair I got a date.》 I said. 《Yes of course who are you going on a date with?》 She asked. 《Cayden. He was super sweet and got me a puppy.》 I said. 《Omg! I'm so happy for you. I haven't seen you this happy in ages.》 Rose said it was true tho I haven't been this happy in a while. Rose did my hair beautifully. 《Ross this is amazing.》 I said. 《Thank you.》 She said.

Let's pretend that her hair is brown but do as you wish

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Let's pretend that her hair is brown but do as you wish.
《Rose do you think I should cover my scars?》 I pointed to one one I had on my shoulder and on my arm. 《If he doesn't like you for you then give up on him.》 She said. 《Thanks Rose.》 I said taking my purse than walking down. I still had 15 minutes so I watched tv when I saw Emilia sitting down with me. 《I heard you got a date with a certain bad boy.》 Emilia said I just nodded. 《I'm just going to say it be careful around him. But have a good time I see how he looks at you.》 She said. 《I don't think he looks at me different then other girls.》 I said because of course he's been with girls ten times prettier than me.  《Are you fucking kidding with me?! He looks at you like he wants to eat you!》 I just laughed. 《Emilia I'm ten times uglier then the girls he's dated.》 I simply said. 《You mean ten times prettier right?! Because he only have dated sluts.》 She said then there was a knock on the door. 《I'll get it!》 I said walking to the door. I opened the door to see that it was Cayden. 《Ready princess?》 He asked and gave me 12 white roses I just said thank you and nodded that I was ready. I looked at Cayden he had a nice black suit. 《You look gorgeous by the way.》 He said. 《Thank you you don't look so bad yourself.》

I handed Emilia the roses

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I handed Emilia the roses. Then closed the door and walked with Cayden to his car. 《I know..》 He said cocky I fake laughed of that. 《Where are we going?》 I asked. 《That's a surprise.》 He said I frowned. 《I don't like surprises.》 I said. 《You'll like this surprise.》 He said I answered with a short fine. Cayden started driving. 《We can play 20 questions it's an half an hour drive so.》 He said I just answered okay. 《Question 1 where are you from?》 He asked. 《Montana. I'll just give you the same question are you originally from here?》 I asked. 《Yeah I'm from here.》 He said. I forgot to say that we are in L.A. 《Question 2 what's your favourite food?》 He asked. 《I really like pizza You?》 I asked. 《Its also pizza.》 He answered the questions went on like that. I found out that he has a younger sister and a younger brother. He found out that I love fighting and to be with dogs. We finally arrived to a fancy resturant. 《Ain't it a little too fancy?》 I asked. 《You don't like it?》 He asked. 《 it's nice but I would have been okay with just Mc Donalds.》 I said he just laughed. We walked inside. 《Name?》 The man asked. 《Its under Smith.》 Cayden said wait he's last name is Smith? 《Alright this way.》 He said showing us a table the restaurant was completely empty. 《Why is the restaurant empty?》 I asked I asked the waiter who handed us menus. 《Oh an certain Mr. Smith ordered the whole resturant.》 He said I just looked at Cayden who was smiling. 《Really Cayden? Why?》 I asked. 《I know you don't like to be around a lot of people so...》 He said. 《That doesn't mean you have to order an entire restaurant.》 I said looking at the menu. 《Whatever..》 He said. 《How are you feeling?》 He asked. 《I mean are you hungover?》 He asked I just shook my head no. 《I can handle alcohol.》 I said. The waiter came to our table. 《Are you ready to order?》 He asked. 《Yes I'll have your pasta Bolognese. And a coke.》 He said. 《I'll have a salad with a coke.》 I said because I wasn't really hungry. 《Are you one of those girls that only eat salad on dates?》 He asked. 《No I just aren't that hungry.》 I said. 《Okay. Have you eaten today?》 He asked I just shook my head no. 《Then how are you not hungry?》 He asked. 《I don't usually eat that much.》 I said. 《Okay.. but your having dessert.》 He said. 《Okay that won't be a problem always room for dessert.》 I said. The food got to us. I started eating a little bit but then I couldn't eat more. 《Princess?》 He asked. 《Yeah.》 I said  《Will you go on another date with me next Saturday?》 He asked. 《You can't get enough of me can you?》 I said sarcastically. 《Of course I'll go out with you again.》 I said. When we were done eating we drove to a beach and just walked and talked. We ended up making out then he drove me home. 《Thank you for an amazing night.》 I said to Cayden looking in his eyes. 《I'll do anything to make you happy princess.》 He said and leaned in to kiss my I kissed him back. We stopped when Tom ran out to us. 《Skyler! Rose got in a car crash we have to leave!》 Tom yelled.

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