Chapter 16: Neglect

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   Y/N's POV

   The next few days after the incident went by in a blur. Thomas had been gone for "business reasons," he called it, so I was all alone with my thoughts.

   One particular day was too much for me to handle, though.

   I woke up from a terrible nightmare about Alexander, and saw a note next to me on the bed. I sighed and picked it up. Thomas had been leaving notes a lot to let me know he was gone.

   It read,

   My dearest, Y/N,

   I'm really sorry for leaving once again. But a really important business meeting has come up. It's a 'can't miss' situation. I hope that you can understand, and I'll be home at my earliest convenience.

   Lots of love,

   T. Jeff

   I sighed once again, crumpling up the letter and imagining that it was Alexander's face. I got up and went to the kitchen, throwing it into the trash can. I looked around for something to do, brushing my hair out of my eyes.

   Something that would make my sanity stay a bit longer.

   I finally decided to draw. I got out some paper and a pencil. I sketched Thomas with said materials, and it turned out really good. I smiled at my handiwork, and was interrupted by a knock on the door.

   It was so loud that it made me fall out of my chair. "Coming," I grumbled, standing up and tiredly walking to the door.

   When I opened it, I felt compelled to shut it again.

   It was Alex.

   "Hey, Y--" he started to say, but I cut him off by actually shutting the door in his face.

   My breathing sped up. How could I deal with this? Then, a toxic voice that I knew so well crept into my head.

   "This is what happens when you let someone in," it growled, tugging at my brain and rewiring it so that every thought I had was negative.

   I panicked. I looked around for some sort of escape. I saw a knife on the kitchen counter, but no. There had to be another way.

   While I was contemplating what to do, the voice continued to ramble on.

   "You're weak. How could you not deal with this? You're such a disappointment. To everyone. To Thomas."

   I let out an agonized wimper. But then I had an idea.

   The pills.

   The pills!

   The anxiety pills!

   I pretty much sprinted to my medicine cabinet and began searching frantically for the tablets.

   How Thomas didn't know I had the pills, I'll never know. But I'm not exactly complaining.

   Finally, my fingers came in contact with the cool plastic of my escape. I smiled insanely and popped the cap off, putting the tablets in my mouth and swallowing them. I admired how they slid down my throat and giggled.

   I took a deep breath and started to feel a bit calmer. I walked over to the door and said in an emotionless voice,  "I'm sorry, Alexander. I had some business to take care of."

   The anxiety medication made me lose about all of my personality, but it was worth it to keep my sanity.

   "Oh," Alex said, a slight smile crossing his face. "That's okay."

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