Chapter 7: Expansion, Progress and Raids

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Jaune POV

It's been a few weeks after everyone has their Auras unlocked, and everything seems fine. In the next weeks we manage to save more villages from the Grimm attacks, and unfortunately some villages were entirely destroyed while some villagers died. For those that lost their homes, I offered them a place in my Kingdom which they accepted. And the Villages that didn't get destroyed were given some of the plasma weaponry, and walls made out of Nanolaminate to keep themselves defended from any attack, like the White Fang, Bandits and Grimms. The plasma weaponry such as, Plasma Pistol, Carbines, and Plasma Rifles, including some defense turrets if they need to fight against a stronger Grimm.

I also realize that our plasma weapons grip design are very unpleasant or uncomfortable to wield in both Human and Faunus hands, the grip design are for Sangeheili. So I ordered our weapons facilities to make the Covenant Weapons to have grip design for Humans and Faunus to wield so they can feel comfortable to wield, and fortunately enough, the elites agreed on the grip design change, since they can also wield human grip designs aswell.

And we also shared the Sangeheili culture to those villages, surprisingly many villages started practicing the Sangeheili Culture while some remained to their culture which is understandable. And the children, from the villages that joined our kingdom, were able to learn in one of the schools in the 'Crocea's Light'. After I told the Elders of the Villages about giving the Children a chance to learn stuff about our the Covenant's history and everything including our defection, they agreed with those terms.

And over the weeks, the Human and Faunus in the 'Crocea's Light' were able to speak Sangeheili as a second language. Some joined the military, some became MP's to keep order in the kingdom.

For those who joined our military at first were minors, those with potential to be a good squad leader were doing well at their leadership, they were leading Grunts recruits, Elite recruits and some Jackal recruits, it reminds me of how I became leader of Team JNPR. And they were also taught how to use the Wraith, Ghost, Phantom and the Scarab.

Also the developments of the a new Warships is underway and we named it what I am planning is that since we arrived in Remnant we only have one ship, the CAS or 'Crocea Mor's Bane' But we need more ships for defense.

Yes the CAS is the most powerful ship that the Covenant has ever built, but one CAS is not enough for a defense against potential enemies, like Atlas, they have a fleet already and we should be prepared for anything to attacks.

While I'm just looking at the new developments that is happening, Zikan entered as he gets my attention.

"Commander Zikan... What can I do for you?" I asked.

"Well, Arcbiter...I was wonder about the other shipmaster in our fleet..." Zikan said.

"Really? Why?" I asked confused.

"Well, What would happen if the Shipmasters make contact to this planet?" Zikan said.

Then it hit me, like a brick. I just realized that five of the missing CCS-Battlecruisers are still out there. If they encounter Remnant, there might be a chance that the Shipmasters would glass this planet. Good thing I already know what to do to solve that problem.

"When the Shipmasters encounter this planet, we need to make contact with them immediately. And we should bring Crocea's Bane so he could tell the truth to Other Shipmasters."

"Hm...very well..." Zikan said.

"Any new further developments? Or anything important?" I asked while I continue reading at the datapaf.

"Well Yes, our next batch of recruit are soon to be apart of our military and I must say, I can see one of them of having a potential of becoming a Shipmaster." Zikan said with pride in his voice.

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