Part 7- The Traitor And My Hero

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Mr Peterson was always nice so he didn't scold me for being late which I was so glad for. I saw Cara sitting in the front table so I went up to her and took my seat next to her. 

Again, I was getting stares. If this is because of Kookie, then I dont even know what to say.

Cara looked at me. "What took you so long? I needed help with this math problem and I've been struggling for like 15 minutes." Cara said.

"I'm sorry Cara. I bumped into Kookie. I'll help you now." I explained. "Kookie? Who's that? What kind of name is Cookie?" Cara asked all confused. I giggled. "I'll tell you during dinner."

She nodded. "Mr Peterson thinks I'm dumb because I can't do any of these problems. He's right anyway. I suck at this." she whispered. "Cara, don't say that. Not everyone is good at math. I suck at English, music, and art. Everyone's good at something." I told her. 

"I guess you're right." Cara said. "Yeah. Anyways, these problems are pretty easy. Look at the numbers ad decimals and see which one is greater. Then multiply that number or decimal by the number given." I explained.

She nodded. "Ok thanks. What about after?" "After you multiply, you turn the answer into a word problem. The answer to the word problem has to be the number you got while multiplying." I explained.

"Alright. Thanks so much. You're so good at this stuff." "Haha. Anytime Cara."

~In The Dorm~

"Hey Mary." I said walking into the dorm room.

"Hello Andrea." Mary responded. She looked like she had been crying and there were tissues by her night stand.

" there something going on?" I asked her as kindly as possible.

She nodded and burst into tears again. I hadn't seen her all day and I was wondering what was wrong.

"Oh no Mary. Don't cry. What's the matter?" I asked her. "Jon-Jona-than...he-he-he broke up-upp- with me." Mary answered bursting into even more tears. "Oh my gosh. Mary, I'm so sorry."

She nodded. "Didn't you guys go get breakfast together earlier?" I asked giving her a hug and more tissues. "Yeah. That was our tradition." she replied wiping her tears. "Oh...Stay strong Mary. We have cupcakes on the table. Do you want one?" I asked her. I really wanted her to feel better. "Yeah sure. We have to get going to dinner though." she replied. "Oh yeah. I forgot." I said. "I can have the cupcake later. Let's just get going." Mary said. 

It looked like she was feeling much better which was good. "Alright. Sounds good. Let's go."

"Hey Andrea?" Mary asked. "There's been rumors going around, and I wanted to know if they were true or not." 

"Rumors? About who? That's not very nice." I responded. 

"" Mary answered.

"Wait. What? Why? What did I do?" I asked. Who started all these rumors?

"I dont know. They've been saying you're dating Jungkook and that you guys are a couple now." Mary explained. 

" We aren't dating. We're just friends. Is that how this place is? You hang out with the oppisite gender and you're all of a sudden DATING?" I cried. I was growing upset. Who would make that up?

"I have no clue. Sorry I mentioned it. I just wanted to know for sure." Mary said quietly.

"Don't say sorry. It's not a big deal. I have been getting stares lately." I told her.

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