His orange locket

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The next three and a half weeks went entirely in getting ready for leaving to the new capital. Who the HELL knew that the Royal Family had an entire closet full of... EVERYTHING?! Not the humans. The schedule for the fourth week was Cameron finally putting off the gypsum off his broken leg, moving in and the day after that was Cameron's twelveth birthday. Chara had the gift planned ahead, Asriel had the idea down to the last minute, but he got also prepared eventually. Cameron didn't seem to show anything to be happy about in his birthday. He didn't say a single word, didn't tell anyone. The only information was that Alex told Chara, which was only the date. But the poor boy was walking around with a broken leg, scars on his head and rib and a fever, what could they expect? Moreover, he recovered from the sickness very slowly, according to Gaster, due to some previous immune damage and the acclimatization underground. Surely he couldn't keep spirits up in this condition. And by spirits up, Napstablook hovering by the ceilings when coming over didn't exactly help.

His Doctor appointment was nothing interesting. He went alone with Toriel, put the gypsum off, but was surely left with the crutches, and he had to explain why. Alex pleaded Toriel and Asgore not to react harshly to Cameron's condition to keep his confidence up. Gaster no longer had an idea what to do with Cameron's cracks in the soul.

After three weeks of moving boxes, bags, and packs via the river to the new house, it was the time to move themselves. The entire Royal Family took their places on the boat as the river person prepared to run it on full speed. Chara took the best seat for her hair to fly up from speed. Cameron fell asleep there, like a reflex. Asriel was with Chara-less perfect point to stand on, but his ears still rose into the air,-while Alex, first time on the boat, stuck to the floor and spent the entire way concentratedly studying his reflection in the water.

-I seriously need to let my hair grow longer.-

He mumbled after the long ride.

-Why do you have this hairstyle now, by the way?-

Asriel asked as the response to his comment.

-I had long hair once before I let Cameron cut my hair... I had to fix it short after that, and it grew to what it's now.-

-You'll never forgive me this one, huh?-

Cameron asked. Now that his head fully healed, he had a scar and it made his hair look thinner in the area of it, so he also was up to letting his hair grow long to cover it.

-I always cut your hair perfectly. You didn't exactly pay me back.-

Alex scoffed.

-Don't you dare to start another argument about that now!-

The younger brother clearly knew what was coming. Chara snickered in the background.

-Hey, if you're good at making haircuts, could you help me? My hair's too long by now.-

She asked. Alex shrugged as "okay". Asriel didn't like the idea.

-Nooo Chara! Your hair is so beautiful!-

-Sorry Azzy, I like it short. It won't be too short though, I'll have a haircut like Cameron's!-

That was probably the most random compliment Chara could drop now, and Cameron made a theatric move with his head to make his hair look even better. Everybody laughed. So the conversation about haircuts kept going until they came up close to the new home.

-Here we are, the New Home!-

Asgore declared. Asriel squealed and ran inside the moment the door was opened, almost sending himself flying to the open basement, but instead simply rammed himself into the floor right before falling down the steps.

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