kisses- jack

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Right now you are currently doing your homework while jack is on his way to your house. You hear a knonk on the door and a huge grin formes on your face knowing it was your boyfriend, jack. You open the door widely and wrap your arms around his tall figure. You both stand there hugging each other till you pull away and kiss his cheek softly. "I missed you" you said rubbing his pink tinted cheeks. "I missed you too baby" he says kissing your forehead. You both head to the couch getting ready for the movie marathon that will start. You grab the popcorn from the microwave and open the bag before putting the popcorn in a large bowl. Jack got the drunks ready and opened his arms to tell you to cuddle him. You smile and cuddle with him. You always loved his cuddles. His arms would wrap you and keep you warm to matter what. He would always put his head at the crook of your neck and sometimes places wet kisses on it. Whole watching the movie you felt your eyeslids become heavy and before you knew it you were sleeping. You woke up with a pair of arms around you. You open your eyes and see jack looking at your face. He wasn't just staring he was also tracing your features and mumbling some 'beautiful's, 'pretty's, 'gorgeous's, 'perfect's and more. You tried not to smile but it was impossible. You grin and blush looking away from jack in embarrassment from being called those words you always wanted to be called. You look at him before pulling him to a passionate kiss. You pull away and look into each others eyes before giving him a hug.

Woah that was bad buT I tried guyS

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