Chapter 1

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*disclaimer, this may be a little bit of a spoiler alert but, all the comas Ariel is in after the first one and the last one are supposed to be being unconscious for a while. I wrote this story young, and didn't really organize the was it will be. Because of the awesome feedback, I had decided to rewrite it. Anyone willing to rewrite a chapter, please message me so I can see your awesome work!*

So this is my first book/story on Wattpad and I appreciate you guys taking the time to read my story!

Revised. :|

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Chapter 1: A Past of Pain

Third Person POV :

A deep, two-inch wide cut ran down Ariel's back. Dark memories filled Ariel's head and tears rapidly fell down her cheeks. She had been kidnapped by a horrible creature named Marcus.

It was a stressful, tiring day of school and all Ariel wanted to do was sleep. Her body ached for her bed. Her mer sent red, warning bells through Ariel's head on her way home from school, but being the stubborn girl she was, she ignored it.

"What could possibly happen to me?" Ariel thought.

Before she knew it, a foul smelling cloth was placed over her mouth. She struggled and her body grew weaker and weaker by the second. All she could remember was fainting and falling into a pit of total darkness.

Ariel's future was highly dangerous, but she did not know this. Ariel was a mermaid of great beauty. Many men and women had claimed that you could get lost in her large, teal colored eyes and her natural, wavy blond hair reminded them of the sand on the beach.

Although she was beautiful, her life was far from it. Being kidnapped for five years and repeatedly raped, Ariel was drowning in her wallow of self-pity. After returning to her family, she didn't know if she wanted to continue her life, but this is, after all, her story to tell.

Ariel Summers' POV

"STOP AARON!" I screamed.

Aaron was one of my many fourteen brothers, and he was currently chasing me throughout the house. Every room we passed, he called every one of my brothers out of their rooms to attack me using my weakness; tickling. My screams and laughs of joy rumbled through our four story home.

"Everyone say cheese!" My mom said, before snapping the photo on her phone. She had commanded my brothers to leave me alone, so I could enjoy my birthday. I blew out my candles, then gave them all a big grin.

"I'm sorry Ariel," One of my brothers Kyle, apologized. I gave him a questioning look.


Before I knew it, a heavy hand sent my head flying forward into the cake. The frosting felt cool against my skin.

"KYLE! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" My ten-year-old self-screamed as I ran up the stairs.

I was remembering all the memories I had with my family, it was pretty depressing. Sure I had seen kidnappings and missing children in movies and the news, but I had never expected it to happen to me. But that's the thing about life, it gives you what you least expect to happen. I guess life just has a twisted way of things.

Silent tears cascaded down my cheeks, as the memories came back to flood my mind and haunt me.

I missed my old life, what was going to happen to me? I wondered. I was only twelve years old.

Three years have passed, and all I could remember was fainting into total darkness. That was two months ago, and now Marcus was here. I had recognized him from before. He was a family friend, but on my eleventh birthday, he kidnapped, tortured, and raped me, while my family thought I was sleeping over at a friend's house. Marcus had never once given me food when I was raped, tortured and abused.

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