A good nights sleep changes everything

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The first thing my mind registered as I started to wake up, was the comforting warmth all around me, bathing me in its luxurious heat. My body was enveloped in a pleasant warm blanket, it just felt so nice, so loving. I could just lay here forever, rubbing my cheek against the soft yet oddly hard surface of the blanket. I took a deep breath, an intoxicating aroma invaded me. My mind puzzled with trying place the smell. The smell was so nice, it was foreign yet at the same time so very, very familiar. Suddenly something clicked in place. It was the smell of him! My eyes flew open at the frightfull realization, and where greeted by the sight of his muscled torso, which I had been rubbing up against mere seconds ago.

The warmth left my body as if somebody had just flipped a switch. The heat pulsing off of his body did nothing to thaw my frozen shell, it just sent a chill deep into my bones instead. Knotts of dread settled in the pit of my stomack, as last nights events rolled through my mind. The knotts gnawed painfully on my insides. The horrid memories from last night flashed shamefully around in my mind, bringing tears to my eyes.

I had let him touch me, grope me, pleasure me with his... his... The image of his mouth closed around my sensitive spot while his fingers stroked me flashed in my mind. I felt sick, bile threatened at the base of my throat. He had made me beg him for it, made me beg him not to stop touching me. A thin film of sweat coated my arms and legs, making me shiver in his arms.

I felt him adjust his body, moving slightly back from me. Cold air slid between us, I was freezing now.

«Iris?» The silky voice made my name a question.

I looked up at his face, my wide stricken eyes meeting his dark concerned ones.

«Your shivering.» He moved, trying to pull me against his toned torso again.

«No!» I clawed at him, managing to push my body a few inches away from him before he pulled me flush up against his hard body, trapping my hands inbetween out two bodies.

I struggled against him, trying to free myself from his thight grasp.

«Please.. Please.. Just let me go.» I wailed, tears of shame leaving my eyes.

«Not untill you tell me what is wrong love.» His velvet voice whispered in my ear.

He was close, too close. I struggled to draw air into my lunges, each breath shallower than the previous one. I managed to free one hand from inbetween out bodies, and scratched hard against the side of his torso with my sharp claws, drawing a low grunt from his lips.

His strong hands moved from my back, losening his thight grip on me. I pushed myself away from him again, trying to get free. But I was brutally detained as his fingers dug into my shoulders, holding me in place. I tried to push against his rock hard abs, desperate to free myself. But it was all to no awail, so I settled for savagely raking my nails across his silky hard skin instead. Bright red marks followed in the wake of my nails, a few small drops of blod sparkled on the surface of his skin, a testament to my desperation.

"Damn it Iris" He hissed.

I could hear a ringing in my ears now. Each shallow breath making the sound just a little bit clearer. I felt so dizzy, the skin on my face prickled. Everything felt so far away.

My back hit the matress as he pushed me back. His grip on my shoulders pressed me down into the matress as he climbed over me, straddling my small body beneeth his own massive one. I stopped clawing at his abdomen, and aimed for his face instead. The lack of air made my movements sluggish. He easily caught a hold my hands, and pinned them on each side of my head with his own.

"Talk to me Iris" His cinnamon eyes searched mine, his face too close.

I screamed at him, and he cut the sound off with his mouth.

His mouth on mine made it near impossible to breathe. My lounges screemed with the need for air. I bit him hard, drawing blod from his upper lip.

"Fuck" He muttered as he pulled back from me.

He dragged both of my hands fiercely above my head, and transfered them into his left hand, his grip crushing around my wrists. He then proceded to capture my chin with his other hand. His thumb and index finger digging hard into my skin, forcing me to look him in the eyes, to pay attention to him. I stared into his cinnamon orbs as his voice cut into me.

"You are going to tell me why you are having this little tantrum love" His voice drawled over the last word, almost caressing it, and it pushed me over the edge.

"You touched me you sick fuck!" I spat at him. "You touched me in places I did not want you to ever touch me. You made me want you, made me beg you for it, as you put your filthy hands all over me!" I wheezed at him, inbetween sucking in shallow breaths of air. Black spots where impairing my vision, as I struggled underneath him. "I hate you!" I wheezed at him, as my failing eyes took in his cold brown ones. "I hate myself." I whimpered, the sound almost inaudible as it left my lips. My too fast, shallow breathing was the only sound in the room. The ringing in my ears was deafning now, my lounges where screaming. My body was ready to shut me down, it had decided that I was a hazard to myself at this point.

"Well, this sick fuck is going to touch you again, and again, and again. You will just have to come to terms with it love, because you are mine, and I am going to .. ... . ... ... . . . .. ... .. . " Was the last thing I heard before everything went dark.

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