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Lillian's ears strained as her super hearing picked up the sound of wheels against the tiled hallway of National City High School. Lilli turned to her her right with a small smile, facing the source of the noise as she shut her locker and hugged several folders to her chest. She lightly put her foot out in order to stop the -- or what she believed to be -- death trap from going any further.

Luckily the person riding the contraption had impeccable balance and didn't falter when Lillian had stopped them, "Good afternoon to you too, Ms. Luthor- Danvers," the person joked as they hopped off their skateboard and flipped it up with their foot.

Lillian rolled her eyes as she leaned against her locker, "I keep telling you that we haven't gotten a court date yet."

"But you will get one eventually... and you already write Luthor-Danvers on all of your assignments anyway," they reasoned.

"It's the name they registered me under though. I don't have a set last name yet," Lilli fought back, "the last set of foster parents I had are trying to fight back and only one of them has signed the papers."

"Lils, I know you're worried about getting too attached to your birth parents but it has been two years, and I know for a fact that Lena and Kara want you in their family. Anyone who has been around you three can see it," the slightly shorter person answered softly.

"Yeah, you're right. I'm worrying over nothing," Lillian smiled a bit before coming to the conclusion.

"And plus, you have probably the two best moms anyone could ask for. Lena Luthor? The woman's a genius! I'm surprised I don't faint right in the foyer every time I come over! And Kara Danvers? Amazing, brilliant reporter, everything I strive to be. Not only those things, but having two moms who don't judge you? Even better," they knew they could ramble on for ages about their two role models, but they shut for Lilli's sake.

Lilli was only smiling as they rambled on, remembering how she used to do the same thing to anyone who would listen to her. Some people had told her she looked like a mix of both of them and two of the girls in one of the homes had teased her about being the 'Long Lost Luthor Love Child'. (They weren't exactly wrong).

"Lils? Hello? Earth to Lilli," her... friend... was waving their hand in front of her face in attempt to snap her out of her trance as they walk through the halls of National City High School. "Remind me again how the biology of everything works? Since you are biologically theirs?"

The real answer burned on the tip of her tongue, wanting to just come out and tell them everything but knowing this was not the time nor the place, so she just settled on what she told everyone else, "My mom, Lena that is, is an amazing scientist and managed to do something with something and everything... I'm honestly not quite sure. I'm not really in the science department. Guess I inherited Kara's knack for writing," she shrugged, "you know you can always ask Lena any science related questions, right?"

"Yeah, but it would be weird if I just went up to one of the most intimidating women in the world and asked, "How did you science your way into making your daughter?" That would not go very well," they let out a small laugh.

Lillian laughed and playfully nudged them. The real answer was still burning on the tip of her tongue, 'Kryptonian biology is different than human biology.' "I'm sure if you constructed something a little more science-y then she would answer."

"Lils! You know I can hardly construct a proper sentence around the two of them, let alone the Lena Luthor. Like, how did you not freak out when they took you in?"

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