So... After reading a ton of werewolf rejection stories I decided to write my own. I don't know whether or not if it's going to be successful but... judging by how many people read those types of stories I'm  just going to hope this works out.

Characters will be placed up soon...

(A little A/N) I do write swear words so if you have a problem with them; I suggest you just leave the story now. I don't know how 'explicit' (considering it's PG-13) this story will be so; bare with me. 

Chapter 1

        “Keiraaaaaa! Wake up! It’s finally the big day!” Someone shouted while jumping up and down on my bed. I snapped one eye open and saw it was my best friend Lukas. I closed my one eye again and pretended to be still asleep. “Keira I saw that one eye open and close you better get your ass up!” He said dragging me out of my warm and comfy bed and into the cold air. I hit the floor with a thud and I instantly kicked my leg out of Lukas’ grasp and jumped up.

        “You didn’t have to drag me out.” I said groggily and stalked over to my closet.

        “Yes I did, and oh; are you going to give me a strip show ‘cause I’d so love to see it.” He said, I could hear the smirk in his voice and I turned around and soon appeared in front of him wrapping my slender fingers around his neck as we fell to the floor. Lukas broke my fall and I was now straddling him while still playfully choking him.

        That was sort of our game, it usually started out with my hand around his neck, and then he’d end up flipping me over and pinning me down. We usually tumble around on the floor for a good 5 minutes until one of us surrenders. Finally I surrendered after he started tickling me. He stopped tickling me and I stood up. I walked over to my closet and pulled out a pair of red snake skin patterned skinny jeans and a black vest top. I pulled my shirt over my head slowly just to tease Lukas and he started cheering and wolf-whistling. I laughed and pulled on my vest top. I shrugged off my pajama shorts and picked up my jeans. Just then Lukas growled and pinned me against the wall. His head moved down to my neck and I took that opportunity to bring my leg up and kicked him making him fly across the room. “As amazing as it is to ‘fight’ with you while you’re in lacey underwear and a hot shirt. I’m afraid we’re going to be late for being early to school.” He said getting up off of the floor. I chuckled and quickly pulled on my pants.

        I brushed my hair out and put a little curling cream in it to define my waves and applied some eyeliner. I wasn't big on make-up or straightening my hair as I found my natural beauty was enough. I grabbed my back-pack and skipped downstairs. Suddenly I was attacked from the side in a hug.

        “Oh! Happy birthday sweetie! I can’t wait until you find your mate!” I recognized the source of the voice as my mother. I giggled and hugged her back as much as I could.

        “Keira! We’re already late!” I heard Lukas yelling through the window of our house.

        “Alright chill! I’m the birthday girl here!” I shouted back at him. I walked into the kitchen and quickly grabbed two on the go Quaker bars. I ran out of the house and hopped in Lukas’ car as he insisted I always ride with him to school on my birthday.

        “For me? You shouldn’t have.” He said in a girly voice and tried to take the second Quaker bar I had.

        I snatched it away from him and snapped my jaw at his hand. “Bitch please! Both of these are for me.” I said. He pouted and pulled out of the driveway. We soon arrived at school and he parked the car. Lukas and I were sort of a part of the ‘It’ crowd. Not that I really cared what ‘crowd’ I was a part of, it just sort of happened since I’m the daughter of our former Alpha’s best friend.

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