Questions and help

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Hey Everyone

I was wondering you can help me with some ideas and everything for the epic tales.

Like should the reader/you be Mr. Krupp's foster daughter or adopted daughter or perhaps something else?

Should You/Reader still be Esthetic with the power of creativity? Or just be a normal kid.

Should you still be poopypant's daughter by blood.

Should we add Edith the lunchlady at some parts or we can have the reader/you have your really mom but you get taken into custody of a woman named Edith and Mr. Krupp is kinda like her dad because he's dating your/ the reader's mom

Or something else

Or we can still have you/ reader from reality to cartoon and awesome life like in all my old ones and you can relive your childhood again.

I really need some help with this and so you all can enjoy this. I would like your opinions and ideas for some help with the story.

Thank you all just leave see ideas in the comments and I will see what I can do when the epic tales comes out. Have a great day everyone.

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