Wide Awake: The Story of the Wild Girl

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     I hit her and like a scared animal she stood there in the headlights . After i got out she promptly ran off Into the DENSE forest. I tried searching for her but i had no chance of finding that mystical girl.

I decided to go to the police."She looked about 16 years old ,um.... Brown , Wait no it was dark brown matted hair. She was wearing tattered clothing ." I confessed to to the officer. "What color were her clothing items?" He questioned me nearly choking on the last ounce of coffee he had not Swallowed."Brown I think." I Finally replied. "Alright Sir we will go check out the scene until then dont leave town and we will be in touch very soon. But by the sounds of it you hit a Hermit which isn't illegal. But we will have to take your car for evidence. Its alot easier than comming and getting it later."

Walking home that day all i could do was think about that girl , and what the cop said. i couldn't get her out of my mind. Later that night I received a call saying that i could have my car back and that I would not be taken into costody because they couldnt find anything illegal at the scene.

The next day after coming home from work I decided to go back to the forest and look for the girl. Fisrt I started tracking north because the river lead north and considering she is a hermit she would probably be washing her clothes,hair and body.I looked about 20 minutes until I started to see a campfire. Not knowing who it is I approach it eagerly. I see three men in boots cooking a can of beans in a circle. The one closest to me was large, muscular,tan and a little bit scary. The one farthest from me was very slim and slender. he was very pale , and he didnt look healthy. The one in the middle was chubby he was very tall though. They are not and attractive bunch . They obviously are not in fear of me i say " hello, Are you camping?" All three of them reply simultaneously with " No , We Aint campin! We Be Livin here!" The slender one stands up takes a peice of wood lights it and says " Now do we got a problem here? Because we Know how to deal with problems Real well out in these parts." I asked if thye knew a girl who was hit by a car.after i asked  all three of the men we up on their feet . I Sprint as fast as i can out of that forest screaming "I'll take that as a no!"  I got safely into my car and drove away as fast as possible.

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