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Hi! Author chan here and I've been thinking...should I add spideypool? I love it but I don't know if you guys would. Oh! And the movie where Loki turns evil is? I don't know I might need help with that..... anyways enjoy I guess!\('>')/
Reader's POV


I was in a beautiful castle and there were guards at stations in it. I walked past them and snuck into a door. The door looked a bit secretive and old so my curiosity got the best of me. I slowly opened the door and creeped into a corridor. I heard arguing in one of the room and decided to try to listen in. I pressed me ear onto the door and listened attentively. I heard and old voice talk and say defensively, "I wanted to tell you the truth, I always wanted to tell you the truth." The I heard a sickening laugh and a male voice say "Then why didn't you."

Out of Dream

I woke up with a start and it tried to move my hands and feet only to find out that they were chained.

Well that's expected. Creepy dude stalks me and has me in a-wait. Where am I?

I looked around and saw that I was in a completely white tiled room. I turned my head and tried to look around for anything to escape with. And of course there was nothing. I sat and waited for what seemed like decades before someone came in. I looked up and saw a tall scary looking dude. He was glaring at me and I felt like saying excuse me bitch who tf you staring at but he started talking first.He put on a fake ass smile and said,"Welcome back (y/n) we've been trying to find you for a very long time. We won't kill you if the that's what you're thinking but we will train you."

I rose my eyebrow and nodded for him to keep on going.

"You have something very special inside you. We're trying to make it come out. If you are a success then that would be the first in hundreds of failures!"

I scrunched my eyebrows together and asked,"What happened to the failures?"

"They died of course!"

My eyes grew wide and I tried moving in my shackles. He started to laugh and said "They're made out of vibranium."

He cleared his throat and said,"Well that should explain everything and I guess we can start the testing now."

He walked out of the white door and locked it. I looked up and saw some sort of smoke come through the air vents and get closer to me. And that is when my torture began.

Peters POV

I was walking down the hallway and noticed (y/n) wasn't here.

Maybe he's sick. But he's never sick....

I walked to Ned's locker and spooked him. He was mad at me but what can I say I couldn't resist the urge to slowly walk behind him and grab him. Of course he screamed like a girl which made it even more satisfying.

I leaned on the side of the locker and said,"What's up?"

"Don't what's up me! My soul almost left my body and fly all the way up to heaven so it could get away from you!"

I heard some people chuckle as they walked past us because of Ned's extreme exaggeration of what would never happen. I patted his shoulder and he swatted my had away before laughing as well. He packed up his stuff and started to walk to class with me. As we were walking, I said, "Hey Ned?"


"(Y/n)'s not here today."

"Why should that be any of your concern?"

"I don't know he's never missed a day of school.Never been sick too."

"And you would know this how?*gasp* you have a crush on him!"

By then we had stopped in the hallway and I said,"I do not."

"Yes you do! I've seen you looking at him in class!"

".....Fine just a little."

"You should tell him,"

"A-Anyways that's besides the point my point is, is that he's missing look I'll tell you when you come over okay."


We walked into class and listened to the teacher. Flash of course was throwing things at me the entire time. Thank god I only have this class with him. The day passed quickly and it was time to go. I walked up to Ned and said "Let's go."

"Hold on I need to tell my mom."

I rolled my eyes at him because he will always and I mean Always inform his mom on where he's going.

We went onto the bus and walked the rest of the way to his house. His mom greeted me as always saying,"Hi peter! Are you saying over today?"

"Yes and there's no need to stairs yourself to speak English with me, I told you I can speak Korean too."

"Nonsense! This gives me practice! There's this guy I've been seeing and I need to be able to talk to him. So tell me do I sound dumb? Stupid? Obnoxious?"

"Ooooook Ms. Jing I think I'm gonna go now."

I slowly walked up the stairs into his room and laid flat on his bed.
He sat down at his computer and turned his chair around.

"So what now?"

"Well lets go off of what we know first."


"M/n been missing for awhile right?"

"No dur sherlock"

I rolled my eyes and sat up,"Yea so where was he last seen?"

"Hmmmm maybe we could check the security cameras."

"Nononono it's been a while now and I'm not going through all that footage."



"Pretty please??"


"Pretty please with a cherry on top?"


"Fine I didn't want to have to do this but you've given me no other choice."

"And what's that?"

I whipped out my puppy dog eyes. Aunt May says they're a weapon of mass destruction.

I saw Ned stare at them for a while before he finally said, "Ok! Fine!"

I smiled and we hurriedly got to work. If you're out there M/n, I promise, we'll find you.

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